Are you looking for the latest news about the upcoming new League of Legends champions? You are in the right place. In January 2021, Riot Games broadcasted a Livestream to accompany the first day of the 2021 ranked League of Legends. The Livestream featured several new contents, including brand new champions. Here are the new champions of League of Legends in 2021.

  1. Akshan. Besides being a new champion in League of Legends, Aksharn can do something no other champion in the game can: bring allies back from the dead. Aksharn is a ranged champion with a grappling hook. He also has a passive on his W. When an enemy champion kills one of Akshan’s allies, that enemy is marked as a Scoundrel. Akshan earns bonuses against Scoundrels while they are alive. If he kills one, whoever the Scoundrel killed is revived at their fountain. Other Akshan’s abilities allow him to shoot enemies in multiple ways. 
  2. Gwen. This champion looks like a magical needle and thread. The new champion is described as a magic damage brawler. Gwen is a potential new top-lane bruiser with no clear ambitions and allegiances. However, this is a pure top-lane champion focused on creating and sewing together abilities. 
  3. Vex. This new champion is yet to be released to the game. However, she is not a social person. Vex is a Yordle and has a lazy look with a dark shadow following her all the time. Vex will not tolerate someone celebrating or being positive in front of her. She unleashes a wave of mist in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies. Vex also emits a shockwave around her before the cast time. This gains her a shield for 2.5 seconds and damages all enemies around her. Vex’s most substantial rating is her damage, while her biggest weakness is utility. She is a 2-difficulty champion and plays the mid-lane. 
  4. Artillery Mage. The next champion is a gloomy artillery mage who prefers not to be bothered. This champion appears to have a disdain for skill shots. As such, some people assume that she does not have any or is very immobile. This champion is also a Yordle. She is also thrilled to be away from the bright Bandle City, so she might be dark and suck the life from others. 
  5. Viego. A look at the next champion on the Livestream, and you can see that he is built as a jungler. Viego is the Ruined King and will be coming to Summoner’s Rift. Viego wields his melee sword as he ganks. He also has some dash and the ability to copy an enemy he kills. 
  6. Marksmen of the Light. The last champion shows an empty room with a light focusing on a banner. The banner shares a similar icon to the stone Vayne brushes off in the “ruination” cinematic. This champion may not be traditional bot-lane marksmen, but they have the option to flex around the map. Due to the ambiguity of the description of this character, it could mean that this is the beginning of more story-centric characters joining the League of Legends. 

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