If you have been using or working with .NET applications or any other third party application you must have come across No such host is known error. This is a very common error that has been faced by many users. The error has also been faced by users when using GitHub and online services. If you are also facing this issue and do not know how to resolve it. Well, this guide is for you, we have gathered some methods that will help resolve the issue. But first, let’s go through its possible causes.

No Such Host Is Known

Causes of No Such Host Is Known Error Problem Issue

Talking of the causes behind No such host is known error we came across some very common causes of this issue. The first cause was DNS name when your software application runs and tries to make communication with an online API based URL and doesn’t find its hostname or server the error occurs. Another possible cause of this issue is when your applications software does not or unable to send its Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) name then also the error seems to appear. The error Also appears if your Server machine is not a part of a Workgroup or Domain.

  • Unable to resolve the hostname
  • Unable to send FQDN
  • The server machine is not connected to workgroup or domain

Similar Types of No Such Host Is Known Error Issue

  • Error 0x80072af9
  • PowerShell
  • Error in uipath
  • Jams
  • No Such Host Is Known PHP
  • Identity server
  • No such host is known PostgreSQL

How to Fix No Such Host Is Known Error Problem

Here in this section, we will demonstrate all the methods to fix No Such Host Is Known Error. The following are the methods we will go through. In the first method, we will go through some basic points before you proceed to further methods. In the second method, we will try to resolve the issue by executing some important commands.

1. Basic Troubleshooting Points

We suggest you to first go through all the essential points before jumping to any method. These are some critical points that will make sure that the No Such Host Is Known VPN issue isn’t related to any critical misconfiguration or similar.

  • Make sure server machine is connected to workgroup or domain
  • Check your network is working
  • Make sure that system is responding correctly
  • Make sure that the DSN server is up to date so that it can easily map the IP address
  • On the test controller computer add a manual entry to the host file to fix the No Such Host Is Known SQL Server issue

2. Using the Command Prompt

In this No Such Host Is Known PHP method, we will perform a DNS lookup to verify whether our system is able to detect the hostname. Follow the steps now.

  • STEP 1. In the Start menu, type cmd, and run it as admin privileges
  • STEP 2. Now firstly we will check the IP and respective DNS by using the below command
ipconfig /all

No Such Host Is Known

  • STEP 3. Now execute the following
  • STEP 4. Make sure to put the hostname from your code
  • STEP 5. Check if the DNS server is able to lookup resolve the hostname system.net.sockets.socketexception No Such Host Is Known error.
**NOTE: While putting the hostname make sure to avoid typo or white spaces in the hostname.
If you are retrieving this input from a configuration file or JSON call or,
you may get to see some difference in source string and the variable.

3. Fixing the Issue when Using GoldMine Premium Edition

In this method, we will fix the issue occurring when using the GoldMine Premium Edition. Follow the steps to fix the system net sockets socketexception No Such Host Is Known issue.

  • STEP 1. Open up the SMTP server and Verify the¬† information in the account settings

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • STEP 2. In the window go to Tools and select Options got to the E-mail Tab
  • STEP 3. Click on the Accounts Button
  • STEP 4. Now Highlight the account and then hit the Edit Button
  • STEP 5. Go to the Sending mail section and go to SMTP Server
  • STEP 6. Here make sure that SMTP Server name is correct¬†

No Such Host Is Known GoldMine

  • STEP 7. Make sure to save all the changes and
  • STEP 8. Verify by sending an email for getting rid of php_network_getaddresses getaddrinfo failed No Such Host Is Known issue.

4. Fixing the Issue when Using SSH

If you are facing the php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No Such Host Is Known issue while using the SSH, maybe you are making some mistakes in the command.

  • Usually, we use the below command, to connect to a particular server or device
  • If you are getting the utorrent No Such Host Is Known error using the above command using the following command
ssh -p 22 user@IP ADDRESS

In this troubleshooting guide on No Such Host Is Known Error. We have seen three different approaches to tackle this error. With these methods, you will surely get rid of this error. Furthermore, we have also given you some important information regarding their possible causes.

We hope by following this guide you get rid of this No Such Host Is Known error. For more guides on tips and troubleshooting. Follow us. Thank You!

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