It has been considered as the error name that makes use of the error detail, including the reason why such an error took place, what is the application or component of the system malfunction that leads to this NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 along with some additional information. It is a numerical code error that encompasses the data that is being deciphered through the manufacturer component or the application that seems to be malfunctioning.

This shows an error code message like,

NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012

Error 1012

The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012)

The NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 that makes use of such code may take place in various locations within the system, so however it carries some details in its name, it seems to be still complex for the user to pinpoint and fix the Netflix Error 1012 reason without having the specific technical knowledge or appropriate software. The article will highlight the detailed information regarding the NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 that includes the causes and effects on the computer system along with the methods that can be adopted by the user to fix the Netflix Error 1012 in a quick turnaround time.

Causes of NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 –

How to Fix Error 1012 Causes

  • If you are having such sort of NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 in PC, it indicates the instance that you might be having a malfunction in the system operation. Or maybe the error is with your internet connection.
  • There might be some of the common reason that makes use of the incorrect or the failed installation of the software which has left some invalid entries in the registering of the Window.
  • Due to the consequences of the malware or virus attack, the improper system seems to shut down because of the power failure or some other factor, and the person with less technical knowledge will accidentally tend to delete the required system file or the registry entry along with the number of the different cause.
  • The most common reason regarding the NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 error is considered to be the failure to accurately run one of the normal operations through the application or system components. It has been seen that due to such an error, the system starts responding slowly to the input and make the operating time of the system very much low.
  • All of these problems lead to the NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012. For this, you need to understand the methods through which you will be able to fix the error in a quick turnaround time, you need to check the below section that depicts the ways through which you will be able to fix the Netflix Error 1012.

Prerequisites before Fixing NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 –

How to Fix Error 1012 Pre requisites

  • If you are facing such an error, and the system starts responding slowly to the input that has been given by the keyboard or mouse, there is a need to understand the method through which you will be able to fix the NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012.
  • With such errors, identically the most application or system errors, the user generally is provided with the choice to send the error report to the publisher of the software and considered as the effective way to assist the publisher in eliminating the issues in enhanced versions of the software.
  • However, if you have been looking for an immediate fix, the advanced user of a PC might be able to repair the issue through the manual editing of the registry along with other instances where the user wants to hire a technician that assists them in solving the problem.
  • However, for the reason that from the time any manipulation associated with the Window registry. Seems to carry the risk to render the OS unbootable. To the instance when the user has been in doubt of their technical knowledge or technique. There is a need to make use of the particular software that has been designed to repair the Window registry. That too without needing any technical skill from the individual that has been facing such NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 issues.

So, below is a simple and easy-to-understand method to repair and fix the NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012.

How to Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 Code Issue

1. Try using Wi-Fi Network –

How to Fix Error 1012 Fix 1 Use Wifi

As mentioned earlier most of the time the NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 is caused due to slow or unresponsive. And if you are using an ordinary network connection or your regular data plan. But, when you are using Wi-Fi. Your internet is uninterrupted, and you will not face any speed lags or things like that. This will eventually eradicate the main cause of NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012.

2. Close your Netflix App & Restart –

Another thing you can do for fixing Netflix Error 1012. Follow these NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 steps, and you can do it pretty easily

How to Fix Error 1012 Fix 2 Close the app

  • Push your home button
  • Now you will be directed to the recent tabs.
  • All you have to do now is find the Netflix and Swipe it up.
  • That’s it

3. Try Resetting or Changing your Wi-Fi or Internet Connection –

There are times when your internet is still working, but you are still facing the same NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012. This is due to clutter between your device and the Wi-Fi connection you are using. At that time you can easily reset your Wi-Fi. Just turn it off for 10 seconds and turn it back on after that.

NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012

If this doesn’t fix your NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 issues, you can try to change the device you’re using or the internet connection you are using. And you will eventually get a decent and working connection.


These are some of the steps that have to be followed in order to fix the NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012. And make the system respond quickly or speedily. Detailed information regarding the issue will help you to understand the methods. Through this, you will be able to rectify the NSURLErrorDomain Error 1012 issues. Hoping! The information delivered to you gives the best value for your time. In case, if you are having any sort of issues or suggestions, please let us know. You can drop a comment in the box given below.