Remember our parents would force us to brush twice daily to keep our teeth clean?

Well, most of us (myself included) realize the importance of dental hygiene only when we become adults. If no proper care is taken, our teeth can have cavities, and worse, even tiny pieces of our tooth can break off.

Oclean Smart Electric Toothbrush

Over time, food particles can get stuck in such cavities, which can cause further tooth decay, eventually causing discomforts such as toothaches and swollen jaws. Moreover, considering the fact that dental treatment procedures are quite expensive, it is best to take care of our teeth regularly.

Brushing at least twice daily is definitely the simplest yet most effective way to maintain dental hygiene. The problem with ordinary toothbrushes is that if too little pressure is applied while brushing, then the teeth don’t really get cleaned. And if too much pressure is applied, it is again bad for your teeth and can cause discomforts like bleeding gums, especially for people with sensitive teeth.

Just like me, if anyone is facing discomfort while using a traditional ordinary toothbrush, let me introduce the Oclean Smart Toothbrush to you.

What is the Oclean Smart Electric Toothbrush?

“Oclean” is a leading manufacturer of smart dental hygiene products. They have a wide variety of electric toothbrushes and water flossers that help people easily clean and maintain good dental health.

The Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush is the product I opted for among all of its dental toothbrush offerings. I also bought the Oclean S1 Toothbrush UVC Sterilizer to keep my Oclean X10 “clean” at all times!

As the name suggests, the Oclean X10 is an electric toothbrush. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, and all you need to do is power it ON and brush your teeth as normal.

On the other hand, the Oclean S1 Toothbrush UVC Sterilizer, as the name suggests, is sterilization equipment for your toothbrush that uses ultraviolet rays to destroy 99.9 percent of bacteria that usually resides on your toothbrush.

What I loved about the Oclean S1 UVC Sterilizer is its auto-sterilization feature that automatically functions every 6 hours.

Well, talking about the Oclean X10, we all know that there are many electric toothbrush offerings out there.

But, what makes this Oclean Toothbrush “Smart” are definitely the features that it has.

Let me take you a quick glance at the Oclean X10 Smart Toothbrush features to give you a better idea.

Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush Features –

1. Smart Color Screen Display for Brushing Insights:

Smart Color Screen Display for Brushing Insights

The Oclean X10 features a smart colored display that provides you feedback on your brushing habits in the form of emojis.

Thus, you can easily know in real-time about how well you’re brushing your teeth and modify the brushing style for maximum effectiveness.

2. Blind Zone Reminder:

Often while brushing, we miss out on the deeper hard-to-reach parts of our teeth. The Oclean Smart Toothbrush can detect blind zones in your mouth and alert you to avoid leaving any area of your teeth unclean.

3. Supplementary Brushing Plan:

The Oclean X10 Toothbrush is smart enough to generate a supplementary brushing plan based on your day-to-day brushing habits.

Following the supplementary plan ensures the best dental hygiene with minimal effort.

4. DuPont Diamond Bristles for Effective Cleaning:

The Oclean X10 Smart brush has DuPont Diamond bristles, with over 100 percent stronger cleaning power than traditionally used toothbrush bristles.

The DuPont Diamond bristles don’t lose their form easily and are safer on the gums and enamel, thus reducing issues such as bleeding gum for people with sensitive teeth. There is also a tongue cleaner on the back of the toothbrush for better oral hygiene.

5. Powerful Maglev Motor:

Powerful Maglev Motor

Oclean X10 is powered by a Maglev motor, which, combined with the Sonic technology used, can generate up to 40,000 RPM based on the sampling mode selected.

Thus, the brush can offer up to 20x better plaque removal from your teeth than ordinary brushes. In addition, even at its maximum RPM, the brush functions quite silently and isn’t distracting at all.

6. 5 Different Brushing Modes:

You can choose between 5 different brushing modes based on your cleaning demand and comfort.

The available modes are clean, massage, sensitive, white, and polished.

5 Different Brushing Modes

7. Inbuilt Pressure Sensor:

The toothbrush also has a built-in pressure sensor to ensure that too much pressure isn’t applied to your teeth despite your holding pattern.

8. 2-minute Auto-Stop Timer:

The Oclean X10 automatically turns OFF after 2 minutes, which is considered the average brushing time for ideal cleaning.

Moreover, the brush will give small vibration feedback each 30-seconds, reminding you to switch the brushing zones, therefore allowing you to cover all parts of your teeth.

9. IPX7 Waterproof:

The Oclean X10 Smart Toothbrush is also IPX7 rated for waterproofing. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the electric toothbrush getting damaged when it comes in contact with water.

10. Quick USB Type-C Charging:

This toothbrush also features a USB Type-C charging port that can fully charge the battery from 0 percent in about 3.5 hours.

Moreover, the battery can last up to 60 days straight once fully charged.

11. Magnetic Wall Mount Included:

Magnetic Wall Mount Included

Thanks to the included magnetic wall mount, you can store your Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush in a clean, easy-to-access location without any worries.

12. 3 Color Options:

If you’re looking to personalize your toothbrush, then there are 3 color options to choose from Ocean Blue, Pearl Grey, and Coral Pink.

3 Color Options

What More?

Well, I believe the features mentioned above are very much enough to justify how great the Oclean X10 actually is.

Oclean is so proud of the X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush that they offer free worldwide shipping with a 2-year product warranty and also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, if you’re searching for a better way to keep your teeth clean and white, then the Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush is definitely a must-buy option for you.

Talking about the pricing, the Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush sells for around $99.99, and the Oclean S1 Toothbrush UVC Sterilizer sells for about $29.99.

Product Original Price Discounted Price Total Discounts
Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush $99.99 $99.99 N/A
Oclean S1 Toothbrush UVC Sterilizer $32.99 $29.99 – 9%

However, thanks to the ongoing Family Day sale event on the official Oclean website, you can get both the Oclean X10 and the Oclean S1 at a very discounted rate.

The Oclean Family Day offers to include bundle offers with various products that are on discount ranging from $8 to $15 depending on the bundle you choose.

You can visit the official Oclean Family Day sale page to get information on all the discounts and offers that are going on as part of the event.

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