No doubt brushing helps in cleaning the teeth, removing plaque, making teeth brighter, removing food stuck in certain areas, etc. But those in-between areas of teeth are what may cause issues in the future. Problems like cavities and gum diseases start from those areas. Those areas are where bacteria thrive, and brushing can not help you effectively in cleaning those areas. So how can those areas be effectively cleaned out so that you get super healthy teeth and gums? The answer is flossing. Since you are here, you might already know this and are planning to buy a good water flosser that is feature-rich and works excellent. The water flosser that we will be talking about comes from the brand Oclean which is among the best in the oral care market.

Oclean w10

ProductWater Flosser
Brand NameOclean
Model NameW10

Introducing Oclean W10

Oclean W10 is portable and one of the most feature-rich water flossers that we have come across. Be it the looks or the features the product satisfies in every possible aspect. To get a glimpse of the flosser, check below.

  • Easily choose from 5 oral irrigation modes with a single push button
  • Includes unique sensitive modes that take care of the gums
  • Get easily notified of the Remaining water volume function
  • Calculates your remaining usage anywhere, anytime
  • It comes with 4 different nozzles to meet all the needs and scenarios for your oral health.

Oclean w10

Is there Actually a Need for Floss?
  • For Braces Users: For users who have braces fitted know very well that food easily gets stuck in between the braces. In Fact, dentists recommend the use of a water flosser.
  • Users with Sensitive Gums: Sensitive gums are very common among people. With the water flosser, firstly, the gums get cleaned; secondly, the pressure of the water helps in massaging of gums. Which ultimately improves blood circulation, and you get strong, healthy gums.
  • Prevents All Sorts of Oral Issues: Regular floss can prevent you from a lot of oral issues like tooth decay, cavities, gum swelling, plaque, gingivitis, bad breath, etc. And if you use it on a regular basis, it gives a much longer overall oral health.

Everything You Need to Know About Oclean W10 Review

Brushing your teeth is necessary for healthy, strong, and bright teeth. We all know that. But what most of us do not know is that brushing alone is not enough as far as complete oral care is concerned. Floss is the missing part of complete oral health. When it comes to the water flosser, Oclean W10 gets our recommendation easily.

Surely this is not the first water flosser that you have searched for and looked through. There are tens of water flossers in the market. But the problem is that they disappoint in some way or the other. Either they miss some features, or the price is too high, maybe the build quality is not that good. Oclean W10 is a perfect balance of features, price, build, and quality. 

If you are still unsure, then check all the features, specifications, and prices below and decide for yourself if the product fits your expectations.

1. Assured thorough Clean

Let’s begin with the most obvious part, and that is the cleaning performance. The product is designed for deep cleaning and removal of all types of Food debris and Dental Plaque, especially in between the teeth areas. It does its job excellent. You get an assured and satisfying cleaning of your mouth. All this power comes from the 0.6mm water jet, which is powered by Maglev Motor. You get a ten times efficiency.

  • 10x Efficiency
  • 1400 Pluses Per Minute
  • 0.6mm Power Water Jet
  • Maglev Motor

Oclean W10

2. Unique Flossing Modes

Every person has their own flossing needs, and some people have sensitive gums while some do not. Chances are you are using braces, or maybe the food gets easily stuck in between your teeth. Considering all these scenarios, Oclean W10 is designed so carefully that it satisfies the vast majority of people and their oral health needs. With Oclean w10, you get five unique flossing modes which are as follows.

  • Intensive Mode: As the name itself tells, it is for the users who want an intense and deep cleaning.
  • Standard Mode: This mode is for the users who prefer a mode that stands between the intense mode and the gentle mode. Suitable for daily usage.
  • Gentle Mode: Specially designed to all the user who has sensitive gums and teeth, with this mode gums does not get hurt or damage.
  • Pulsating Mode: Pulsating mode can be used in scenarios when the standard mode is not enough, and you need a little more intensive cleaning.
  • On-Demand Mode: This mode is dependent on your accordance and your brushing intensity.

Oclean W10

3. Multiple High-Performance Nozzles

Now that we are done with all the modes, let’s talk about the Nozzles. Nozzles are one of the main highlights of the Oclean w10 and the most necessary one also. Nozzles are what will provide you ease in flossing. Each Nozzle is unique and targets a particular type of cleaning.

  • Standard Nozzle: Perfect for those in-between spaces of your teeth as the space is too tight in between them. With the standard nozzle, all the food particles can easily be washed out and cleaned.
  • Periodontal Pocket Nozzle: Suitable for people who want healthier gums. With two weeks of usage, you can get better and healthy gums.
  • Orthodontics Nozzle: Targets to all the people who have braces. As the cleaning of teeth can be really challenging with braces, but with the Orthodontics Nozzle, you do not have to worry about a thing.
  • Tongue Scrapping Nozzle: The name itself tells you that it is for a good cleaning of your tongue, plus you get a fresher breath.

Oclean w10

4. Long-Lasting Battery

Now let’s talk about the battery as all those modes need the power to perform excellently. Thankfully the Oclean W10 comes with a 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery. Which, according to Oclean, can last easily for almost 30 days. In addition to that, you get a Type-C port as well.

  • Battery: 1400mAh Lithium-Ion
  • Type-C Charging Port
  • Input Power: 5V at 1A

Oclean w10

5. Detachable Water Chamber

The water chamber is another major aspect of the Oclean W10, the water pulse with which you perform the flossing is stored in a 200ml (7 ounces) water chamber. Furthermore, the chamber has a detachable design which allows you to clean it better. Furthermore, the see-through design can help you in identifying the remaining water in the chamber.

  • 200ml (7 ounces) Water Chamber
  • Detachable Design for Easy Cleaning
  • See-through Design for Identifying Remaining Water

Oclean W10

6. Smart Design

Now let’s go through some other features and design of the overall product. From the pictures, you can easily see that it is not some tacky or shiny product. The product features a very elegant and minimalistic design. The product comes in 2 beautiful colors Green and Pink.

  • Width: 7.2 Centimeters (2.8 inches)
  • Thickness: 5.5 Centimeters (2.2 inches)
  • Height: 27 Centimeters (10.6 inches)
  • Dry Weight: 305 Grams (10.8 ounces)
  • Filled Weight: 469 Grams (16.5 ounces)
  • Colour Availability: Green & Pink

Oclean W10

7. Other Features

The product is filled with features by now; you must also be feeling that. Apart from all the above features, there are two more features that make this product unbeatable.

  • QuadSpacer Timer: There is an inbuilt functionality of a 15s quadspacer timer as well, which means you do not have to look at your clock to keep track of your flossing.

Oclean w10

  • IPX7 Water Proof: Oclean W10 comes with IPX7 water-resistant certification. Which you can easily wash it under the water without having to worry about damaging the internals of the gadget.

Oclean w10

How to Effectively Use the Oclean W10

Now that you know pretty much everything about the specification and features, let’s proceed to a walkthrough of the basic usage of Oclean W10. 

  • Nozzle Installation: Firstly, choose the Nozzle as per your requirements. To insert the nozzle, on the very top, you will find the Eject button. Press the button, then insert the nozzle.
  • Water Refilling: On the top surface, you will find the water lid. To fill water, simply open the lid and fill water in it. 
  • Choosing & Switching Between Modes: There are five different modes to choose from. Depending upon your needs, you can select among those modes for healthier and precise cleaning. You can find the mode button right below the Power button.
  • How to Use: Using it is very easy, thanks to portability and nozzles. All you need to do is to Aim in between teeth then press the button to start cleaning.
  • Cleaning Oclean W10: TW10 comes with the IPX7 waterproof protection that means you can easily wash it and rinse it. 
  • Unit Cleaning: At the bottom, you will find a detachable Reservoir. You can detach it then wash it to keep your gadget hygienic. 
  • Charge Easily: There is also Type-C charging which allows you to charge Oclean W10 much faster than the usual USB port. It can store up to 30 days of Charge. Also, there is a protective isolation cover with Accessible & Widely Applied input.

Pricing & Offers

By now, we hope that you have a complete understanding of the Oclean W10 and all of its features. There are several similar products in the market out there, but Oclean W10 is a product that you can trust.

It is high quality and couped with all the premium features that you can think of. With that in mind, the price of the product is kept very reasonable at just $79.99, but as of now, you can get it at a special discount of $59.99. The product can easily be bought from the official Oclean website.

Also, if you buy the bundled package that is (Oclean W10 Green+Pink), then you get both at a special price of $114.99. In addition to that, you can also get a travel bag as well.

PackagesOriginal PricePrice after DiscountTotal Price OFF
Single Package$79.99$59.99$20
Bundled Package$159.98$114.99$44.99

Oclean W10

Advantages of Buying from Oclean

Oclean is a well-known brand when it comes to oral healthcare products. Below are a few advantages of buying from Oclean. All these policies are applicable when you buy the product from the official Oclean website.

  • 30 Days Of Return/Exchange Policy
  • 2 Years of Warranty
  • Duty-free
  • Hassle-Free 24hr customer support on all working days
Final Words:

Floss, for most people, is just an option when it comes to brushing, an option that is mostly ignored. But regular floss not only prevents you from spending a lot of money on oral health but also helps in eliminating various kinds of dental diseases. Oclean W10 is one of the best products that you can invest in right now. In this buying guide, we have tried to give you the best possible explanation, values, and advantages that this product offers. As far as the price is concerned, all the features, specification benefits truly justify the cost.

Hopefully, now you have a clear decision regarding this product. Thank you!