Engraving has been around us from ancient times. While it was hard and required serious hard work in attaining the engraving skill, thanks to modern technology, now it has become much easier, like child’s play. Since you are on this guide, you have been gone through a bunch of laser engraving machines. Surely all of them have disappointed you in one way or the other. But the laser engraving machine that we will be talking about today can be your perfect pick. Today we will be talking about Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro. It is a professional laser engraving machine at an unbeatable price.

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro

ProductLaser Engraving Machine
Brand NameOrtur
Model NameLaser Master 2

Specifications & Features of Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro

Now the question arises that why you should choose Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro over all the other brands and models. Be it design, performance, hardware, software, usability, or price, choose any aspect of this product, and it will not disappoint you. And If you have a passion for designing personalized engraved products, then Laser Master 2 Pro should be on your list. You can check out the product at Ortur.net. However, If you want to know more about the product, the below details will be enough to finalize your decision.

1. Unbeatable Precision

Thanks to all the top-notch hardware, the precision of this product are very satisfying. You can Present your ideas accurately.

  • Excellent Control Board with Advanced Laser Module

A Control board is one of the main aspects of laser printing hardware. Laser Master 2 Pro is equipped with OLM-PRO-V10, which is a 3rd generation motherboard. This means that you get complete control over all the functions giving you the result that you want. Furthermore, the control board is coupled with 32-bit MCU +24V Circuit.

Ortur Laser Master 2 ProAround the price range of Laser Master 2 Pro, you will not find a lot of similar products that offers high-quality laser.  A laser is the main thing that plays an important part from the beginning of the engraving to the end. The laser must have multiple power options, plus it must be of the latest technology. With Laser Master 2 Pro, you get 2nd Gen FAC technology laser module. That has multiple power options that range from 1W to 40W.

  • Smaller Light Spots with Extraordinary Precision Power Control

One of the very common issues that can be found in budget laser printers is that the focal spot is huge. Large focal spots look very unpleasing and degrade your work, especially if you are designing the art for a customer. The most common focal spot that can be seen in the budget laser printer is 0.23mm0.23mm. However, at a similar price, you can get a 0.08mm0.15mm focal spot with Laser Master 2 Pro. This will make your artwork richer, very detailed, and professional.

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro

  • Impressive Grayscale with 9MM Cutting Depth

Now let’s talk about the details and richness you get with this laser printer. The machine features a 12bit precision PWM control signal. This means that you get 1000+ grayscale performance as compared to any other similar-priced product. This is why the print result from the product looks very fine detailed like a real photograph.

Enhanced Grayscale like a real photo

2. Super Quick

Now that we have talked about precision, accuracy, and details, let’s talk about all the features and details regarding the speed of the product. If the speed is fast, then surely it increases the productivity rate.

  • Fast Engraving Speed with Ortur Laser 1.5 Series Firmware

Productivity is of great importance; quality, detail, and richness are surely important, but the product lacks if it is not fast enough. A slow machine can harm sales and lose customers. Designers of the Laser Master 2 Pro has kept this in mind, and as a result, you get a speed spike of 4000mm/min to 10000mm/min.

Ortur OLF 1.5 Firmware

This spike in speed is because of the algorithm of Ortur Laser 1.5 firmware which is an enhanced version of the Ortur Laser 1.4 series. This enhanced algorithm combined with the strong machine frame, light motion components, and high power laser module reduces the time by half.

  • Lightweight Moving Parts with High-Speed USB CDC Interface

The second major factor that devotes high speed and reduced time is the MCU native USB CDC interface support. A lot of products that are around the similar price category offer the traditional USB to the serial port. The drawback of a USB to the serial port is that it only has a 921,600 baud rate.


However, the USB CDC interface which you get in Laser Master 2 Pro increases the baud rate to a maximum of 2,000,000. This results in a noticeably reduced delay in the engraving process. In addition to that, there is also a slight change made in the driving motor of the X-axis as well. With Laser Master 2 Pro, the X-axis laser module is placed to the right of the Y-axis, which results in a reduced load of the X-axis movement.

Fast Engraving Speed

3. Ease of Use & Reliable Hardware

This particular section will be all about the reliability of the material and Hardware that you get with the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro. All the components are modular and made of high-quality materials that support 24hrs nonstop operation.

  • Ortur User Manual & Availability

A user manual can help you in eliminating the majority of the issues, from assembly to understand the functionality. Each and every aspect regarding machine usage can easily be understood so that you can use the machine better. The availability of the product is also a major thing. Luckily the product can be purchased from the official site as well as Aliexpress.

  • DIY Modular Construction

Modular Construction

Let’s start with the assembling of the hardware. The modular factor makes the overall construction very easy. For reference, you can also check out the detailed manual provided. Compete installation is all about fitting the screws, which hardly takes 15 minutes.

  • Full Metal Body Structure

Full Metal Structure

The body of the frame is everything; it holds all the important components, plus it should not shake during the engraving process. This is why the quality of the hardware must be top-notch. Thankfully with Laser Master 2 Pro, you get a full sheet metal aluminum profile body. Not only it gives a longer life, but it also prevents shaking during engraving.

  • High-Quality Flexible Cable & Chain

Flexible Cable And Cable Chain

Apart from the body frame, cables and chains are the second things that come under the build quality of the product. The wires should be of high quality that could sustain extreme high and low temperatures. The product surely ticks all the marks when it comes to high-quality cables and chains.

  • 24V Electric System

24V Electric System

All the power and electric current is controlled through the motherboard. The product comes with OLM-PRO-V10 Motherboard. The advantage of this board is that it has a safer 24V high-efficiency electric system which reduces the current by almost half but maintains the performance.

  • Laser Shield Protection & Scale Mark

Scale Mark

The laser is for engraving is of very high frequency and pretty bright it can harm your eyes. Laser Master 2 Pro comes with an inbuilt laser protection shield. The protection shield uses the same material as the laser protection glasses so that no harm is done to the eyes. For a more precise engraving, easy positioning, there is a scale printed on the aluminum body as well.

4. Equipped with All the Safety Measures

Without the safety measures, no product is complete. Thankfully with the Laser Master 2 Pro, you do not have to worry about a single thing when it comes to safety.

  • Emergency Stop Button: At any moment during the engraving process, if you find any problem or issues, the emergency stop button will be helpful to stop the process right away.

Emergency Stop Button

  • Active Position Protection: This is a very useful feature, especially for beginners. This feature prevents the machine from running if the machine is tilted. The laser will be automatically stopped if it is out of focus.

Active Position Protection

  • Laser Beam Safety Guard: For some reason, if your computer crashes, then the engraving process will be stopped automatically. The laser will stop until the issue is fixed. Once fixed, you can continue the work.

Laser Beam Safety Guard

  • Exposure Duration Detection & Limitation: If there are some issues with the motors and they fail to run for some time, the detection system will stop the laser.

Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation

  • Flame Detector + Buzzer Alarm: This is a very helpful feature if the flame catches up. With this inbuilt flame detection mechanism, the alarm starts, and the light blinks when the flame is detected.

Flame detector + buzzer alarm

5. Common Materials for Engraving

Following are the list of some of the most common material on which you can use the Laser Master 2 Pro.


  • Aluminum spray paint
  • Anodised Aluminium
  • Black Acrylic
  • Bread
  • Color Paper
  • Leatherette
  • Mobile phone plastic shell
  • Wood
  • Mirror
  • Sprayed Title


6. Pricing & Offers

Be it build quality, performance, speed, or safety features at the point we have talked about almost all the features and specifications of Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro. You can clearly find out that the product is on par compared to any of its competition. What makes it more exciting is the price at which the brand is offering. Since you are on our website, you get an extra discount code ORTURPRO which makes the best price overall.

Product LinkOriginal PriceDiscount CodePrice After Discount

7. Return & Refund Policy

Now that we have talked about the pricing and also offers, finally, let’s see all the details regarding the return policy of the product.

  • 30-Day Return Policy

Once you buy the product, you get a 30 Day time slot in which you can raise a return request. Below are all the important details that you need to know regarding the return policy.

  • Item must be in the same condition as it was received
  • The product must be unworn or unused
  • Must have all the tags
  • Must have its original packaging
  • Must have receipt or proof of purchase

To raise a return request, you can drop a mail at [email protected]. Once your request is accepted, the brand will send you a return shipping label. You also get further instructions on how and where to send your package. Also, keep in mind that the Items sent without any return request will not be accepted. If you have any other queries regarding the return, you can contact them at [email protected].

  • Damages & Issues

Once the product is delivered, always make sure to check the product and all the including items. If you find any issues like missing items, wrong items, defective or damaged items, make sure to contact the brand the same day or the next day. This helps in the processing of return requests quicker.

  • Exceptions / Non-Returnable Items

So there are some exceptions that the brand does not accept or consider.

  • Perishable goods (Eg: food, flowers, or plants)
  • Custom products (Eg: special orders or personalized items)
  • Personal care goods (Eg: beauty products)
  • Hazardous materials, flammable liquids, or gases

The brand also does not accept return requests on sale items or gift cards

  • Exchanges

For a quick exchange, make sure to raise the return request correctly, and on successful approval, make a separate purchase for the new item.

  • Refunds

Once you have raised the request for refund successfully, wait for the approval answer from the brand. On a successful refund approval, your money will be refunded to your original payment method.

Final Words

Laser engraving is certainly very uncommon to see in someone’s hobby list because of all the dangers, technicalities, and skill requirements. However Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro is different, it has been designed so carefully that all of its feature and handling makes it super easy to use. If you are a newcomer and just starting out, this machine can surely be your stepping stone. It will surely be a great start to form your very own small workshop.

Hopefully, this buying guide clears all your doubts and confusion. Thank you!

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