Overwatch is a Team-Based First-Person action shooter game. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is the result of the innovation of the company. Overwatch is born from the fusion of Blizzard’s famous games Titan, World of Warcraft, and Team Fortress. But with the more refined and determined approach. The uniqueness of overwatch is because of its diverse selection of players called ‘Heroes.’ You can choose your heroes from 21 unique players. The game consists of 2 teams of 6 players each. Each player is unique and has some good and bad areas. We will talk about more of its features later in the post. Today in this Article on Overwatch Counter Chart, we will be taking a deep look at players. We will see the player’s strong and weak opponents.


Features of Overwatch

  • Easy to play, the new user will not feel any complexity
  • Wide range of Unique Players to choose from
  • Satisfying Gameplay with stunning and smooth Graphics
  • Each character is distinct and has unique powers
  • Positive, Immersive and Fun Experience with objective and goals of the game

A Brief Look at Overwatch Counter Chart

In this section, we will be taking a look at all the player’s counters that is weak and Strong opponents of the player. This chart will help you in making a strategy to win and beat the game. With the help of this chart, you can build a rock-solid team. This team will help you in achieving defending and securing objectives much easier and faster. You can unlock players’ skins, victory poses, and much more.

SR.No.Player NameStrong AgainstWeak Against
1.Bastion CountersReinhardt – Winston – MercyGenji – Widowmaker – Hanzo
2.D.Va CountersWidowmaker – Torbjorn – HanzoMei – Junkrat – Reaper
3.Genji CountersBastion – Widowmaker – HanzoMei – Winston – Zarya
4.Hanzo CountersBastion – Zenyatta – TorbjornGenji – Tracer – Winston
5.Junkrat CountersTorbjorn – Bastion – ReinhardtPharah – Widowmaker – Soldier 76
6.Lucio CountersMercy – Symmetra – TorbjornMei – Pharah – McCree
7.McCree CountersReaper – Tracer – LucioWidowmaker – Genji – Pharah
8.Mei CountersGenji – Reinhardt – LucioPharah – Reaper – Widowmaker
9.Mercy CountersSymmetra – Torbjorn – ZaryaTracer – Genji – Roadhog
10.Pharah CountersJunkrat – Reaper – MeiSoldier 76 – Roadhog – Torbjorn
11.Reaper CountersWinston – Roadhog – ReinhardtMcCree – Pharah – Genji
12.Reinhardt CountersSoldier 76 – Torbjorn – GenjiMei – Bastion – Junkrat
13.Roadhog CountersWinston – Mercy – GenjiReaper – Mei – D.Va
14.Soldier 76 CountersPharah – Zenyatta – TorbjornGenji – Roadhog – McCree
15.Symmetra CountersGenji – Reinhardt – LucioPharah – Roadhog – Winston
16.Torbjorn CountersTracer – Genji – PharahWidowmaker – Hanzo – Junkrat
17.Tracer CountersMercy – Hanzo – WidowmakerMcCree – Roadhog – Pharah
18.Widowmaker CountersBastion – Torbjorn – JunkratGenji – D.Va – Winston
19.Winston CountersGenji – Widowmaker – HanzoBastion – Reaper – Roadhog
20.Zarya CountersGenji – Torbjorn – RoadhogPharah – Reaper – Mei
21.Zenyatta CountersMercy – Symmetra – LucioWidowmaker – Reaper – Genji

Final Words:

With this being the end of the article on Overwatch Counter Chart. This article briefly tells you about the game and all of its major features that certainly sets it apart. We also have provided the Overwatch Counter Chart that helps you in building your strong team. Overwatch is made keeping in mind the positive and fun aspects of gaming. Without compromising in the gameplay. Overwatch is a game that is a must-try if you want to have a fun time with your friends and family.

We hope you like this article. We post everything related to gaming. For more articles, guides, tips on gaming, do not forget to follow us. If you want us to write on your favorite game, do mention it below. Thank You!

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