Applications like Instagram have not only provided us with a way to connect with old friends but also made it easier to socialize with new people. Anyone with a decent number of followers can easily reach out to the masses by simply putting up a story.

Instagram Hack: How to Hack Instagram Successfully

In such a setting, one wrong post by someone close to you can hugely ruin their or your reputation. After all, when something’s posted, within minutes, several hundred people view it. That’s why it would be prudent to control what posts your child or partner shares with the world over Instagram. And that would be possible only by hacking into their Instagram accounts.

But hacking into an Instagram account would surely not be everyone’s cup of tea, right? Giants like Instagram spend loads of money on continuously updating their security services. Only someone with in-depth technical knowledge could probably pull it off.

Or so you would think!

(Guide) Instagram Hack: How to Hack Instagram Successfully

Actually, Instagram hacking is possible with the right tool in your hands. In fact, it becomes very easy too.

Don’t believe us? Well, read on to know more…

Part 1: Spyier – The Most Hidden Way to Hack into an Instagram Account

Picking a suitable tool is an essential part of hacking Instagram, especially since most of the spyware solutions in the market are designed with the sole purpose of stealing your data. To be considered safe for use, a tool shouldn’t make your or the target person’s device vulnerable, and there’s currently only one tool that does this.

Friends, we give you Spyier, the most foolproof and able spyware out there.

Spyier has been around in the phone spying industry for over a decade, and during this time, it has been able to acquire a committed user base in well over 190 countries. The solution has also been featured by numerous giants like TheVerge, Tech Advisor, and Macworld.

Spyier – The Most Hidden Way to Hack into an Instagram Account

This app is amongst the few phone monitoring solutions which do not need you to jailbreak or root your own or the target device to work on, thus reducing any chances of exposing the devices to malware. Additionally, it doesn’t store the user data on its servers, so there’s no chance of data theft or leak.

Spyier can get you into any target device, be it Android or iOS, in a matter of minutes. To operate it, one does not have to be familiar with the technological know-how; anyone can get the hang of it pretty easily.

So guys, if you’ve been looking up the internet for ways to hack an Instagram account without human verification, we’d like to let you know that you can have autonomous access to any Instagram account using Spyier.

Part 2: Spyier has Loads of Features to Offer

Spyier has been designed using cutting-edge technology. The software developers behind the tool have made sure that the device security is not compromised at all, and no security parameters are violated.

Once the application is up and running, Spyier starts gathering the data and then relaying it to an online dashboard to which you have access after registration. You can access the dashboard from any browser of your choice.

Spyier has Loads of Features to Offer

The dashboard has dedicated panels to monitor the following:

  • Media files: Spyier gives you complete access to all the media files that are present on the device, including those that have been exchanged via social networking applications.
  • Contact information: The tool gives you complete access to the target device’s contact book for full disclosure to know who has been exchanging texts with the target.
  • Text messages: Spyier not only alerts you about an incoming text, but it is also capable of fetching you those who have been previously deleted.
  • Social media accounts: The solution’s Android version comes equipped with the keylogging feature, wherein all the keystrokes are recorded and then rearranged to generate a prospective password. This feature can easily get you into any of the target’s social media accounts.

Note: The keylogging feature is specific to Spyier’s Android version

Your Spyier dashboard has a dedicated feature that gives you access to any of the target’s Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat accounts.

  • Call history: The app lets you view all calls that have been made or received using the target device along with timestamps.

In addition to the above, Spyier also allows you to view the website browsing history of the target device. Moreover, with this nifty app, you can also track the live GPS location of the target device 24×7.

Part 3: Spyier works well on both Android & iOS Devices

The iOS version of the application is very easy to run. All you require are the target’s iCloud credentials. Using the credentials, Spyier syncs with the target’s iCloud backup and transmits the gathered information to your dashboard. This version is completely cloud-based, and no sort of installation or download is required on the target device.

The Android version, on the other hand, requires you to install the application on the target device. Though once downloaded, the tool can be easily hidden from the application drawer. It is a mere 2MB file and accompanied by not draining the excessive battery, and it easily goes by undetected.

You can follow the given steps to set up Spyier on Android and iOS:

Step 1: Create a free Spyier account and pick a suitable subscription plan depending on your need. There are different plans available for monitoring the different numbers of devices.

Spyier works well on both Android & iOS Devices

Step 2: At the next step, you will have to specify the target OS. If you’ve picked Android here, you will receive an email with the instructions related to the application installation.

In the case of a target iOS device, you will be asked to fill in the target’s iCloud credentials for Spyier to start syncing with the iCloud backup of the target device.

Spyier works well on both Android & iOS Devices

Step 3: At this last step, you will be presented with a finish installation prompt where once you hit ‘Start,’ you will be redirected to your online dashboard. Here, you will find a dedicated Instagram spy feature on the left-hand side toolbar.

Spyier works well on both iOS Devices

To better understand the tool and its functions, be sure to check out Spyier’s free live demo.


So there you have it guys, Spyier, in our opinion, is the most covert and able tool available in the market today. The solution can easily get you complete access to any given device, without raising any red flags. Once downloaded, it does not require any permission. Thus it is not detected as easily. The dedicated Social Media Spy panels help you keep a tab on the target’s social media accounts.