The alarm clock is nothing new to use where we have less time and more work. Getting up early so we could start our day is really hard work for some people, and this is where this beautiful invention comes to help. Here we have one such item, a PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock. It comes loaded with features and offers features that are more than just an alarm clock.

PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock

(Overview) Pictek Projection Alarm Clock Review

This new PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock with a curved LCD is undoubtedly a tech you should go for. What more catches our eye is the Projection of the time over a 120-degree angle. Be it a ceiling or wall, and you can get to see the time. Below we have discussed the features this alarm clock comes with.

PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock Features & Specifications –

  • Large Screen Display with Adjustable Brightness:
    You get a 5-inch large LED display.

    • The PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock display has a curved design that gives an excellent visual experience.
    • You get different brightness for both the projection display as well as a screen.
    • You get 3 levels of brightness for the projection and 4 levels of brightness for the screen.
  • HD Projection:
    The alarm clock is not just about showing the time on its screen, but it also projects on the wall or ceiling.

    • You can project the time in both 12 hours as well as 24 hours format
    • The projection range is from 0.5 meters to 3.0 meters with the optimal range being 2.0 meter to 3.0 meters
    • PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock provides the option to project it any direction with a projection angle of 120 degrees, from -30O to 90O
  • Dual Alarm with Snooze:
    The PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock offers two different times to play the alarm so you and your partner could wake you as you like it.

    • You can set both as a buzzer as well as your favorite radio station
    • Set the alarm for two different time
    • It also comes with Snooze with time ranging from 5 min to 60 min.
  • FM Radio:
    You can also play and listen to your favorite Radio station using this PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock.

    • The Radio offers reception frequency from 76 MHz to 108.0 MHz
    • You can tune into any of the frequency within the specified range to listen to the radio station. The alarm clock comes with the 33-inch antenna, which can also be extended to make the reception of the frequency better.
    • You and save and store any 15-different frequency of the radio station so you can access them directly.
    • The alarm clock also comes with a timer feature that closes the radio automatically after you fall asleep. You can set timer ranging from 5 min to 90 minutes.
  • Battery & USB Charging:
    The PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock device comes with a small battery power backup in case there is a power outage.

    • The alarm clock is AC powered to provide all the functions of the radio, alarm, and time display.
    • You also get a battery backup in case there is power outrage for the alarm clock to operate still.
    • The alarm clock has a USB port that you can use to charge your smartphone and tablets.

Impression & the Deal Offer:

This PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock is no doubt one of the unique alarm clock you will find. Features like the projection and the FM Radio will surely blow you away. Although some may feel that it is pointless to get such a large alarm clock (about 5 long), it provides one of the great displays as well. You do not even have to worry about power outrage as well; the battery backup will fuel the alarm clock at the time as well.

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