Have you ever thought about searching for information about yourself online, just to see what shows up? If you haven’t done it yet, you should. It’s a great way to see what people will be able to find about you when they type your name into Google and other search engines. And it is also a good way to see what your overall online reputation looks like.

Best 5 Privacy Protection Services 2021

Unfortunately, what you might realize is that your reputation isn’t as stellar as you’d like it to be, or perhaps there is personal and private information showcased for everyone to see.

What can you do about all of this? Well, there are several privacy protection services designed to help you more easily control the information about you that’s out there. Below, we showcase several of these services to give you an idea of what’s possible.

1. BrandYourself

BrandYourself is a service that you can explore when you want to protect your privacy on the internet and when you want to boost your reputation online. They can help you improve your social media posts so negative or potentially damaging information is removed. And they can help you remove personal details, like your contact info, from databases that people can search easily online. Plus, they can even help you remove Google results that aren’t flattering.

2. ReputationDefender

As the name implies, ReputationDefender is all about helping you make sure the most positive results appear when people search for you online. They provide solutions that are geared towards individuals, small businesses, executives, and big companies, so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your goals and needs. Basically, these experts can help you figure out how other people see you when they do a search for you on the internet. They can then help you control what actually ends up showing up in search engine results, while also helping you take steps to protect your personal and private information.

3. PrivacyDuck

PrivacyDuck is all about helping people regain control over the information that is available online about them. That’s why they offer both free services and paid services. If you want to do it all yourself, they can show you how to opt-out of having your information displayed on various people’s search sites. If you want to take a more comprehensive, and really easy, approach, you can pay them to take care of it all for you instead.

4. OneRep

OneRep is another great service to consider when you want to take steps to protect your privacy by removing personal information from the internet. They will get to work on scanning the web for information about you. Then, they will contact any people search sites, from Whitepages to Spokeo, that is showcasing your information for all to see. That way, you don’t have to worry about a thing. However, if you would like to learn how to do it yourself, they also provide handy instructions on how to request to have your information removed from a variety of people’s search sites. So, it’s up to you to decide which path you want to take: let them take control of the whole process on your behalf or use their free opt-out guides to do it yourself.

5. DeleteMe

Lastly, there’s DeleteMe, which is similar to OneRep because they work on helping you remove your personal information from people’s search websites. But there are some differences between OneRep vs DeleteMe, so it’s wise to consider not only pricing but also the details of the services that they provide. When using this service, the ultimate goal is to have data like your name, relatives, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, job, and marital status, property records, and more removed from data broker websites that collect and showcase these details without asking you first. With the help of DeleteMe, you can quickly and easily have your information removed so you no longer need to worry about it.