Like every other industry in this modern, digital age, the property market is growing, and learning to integrate new technologies in order to innovate and make things even easier going forward.

The Property Market Technology of Tomorrow

Interested in finding out more about how the property investment market (and the property market in general) is adapting and leveraging technology? Here are a few different examples of tech in the sector currently and how it will increase in the future.

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(Guide) The Property Market Technology of Tomorrow

Virtual Reality (VR) –

Virtual reality property viewings and showcases are a concept that has existed for a while from within forward-thinking property investment companies at this point, benefitting international investors and helping those overseas to view and look over a property that they’re interested in from afar.

Alongside in-depth accompanying guides and online consultations, RWinvest is one of the few investment companies offering these sorts of services at the moment. Here’s how the process works:

  • Using your smartphone device with an affordable VR attachment, anyone can remotely download a viewing when sent, getting an immersive ‘next best thing’ look at the property of their choosing. Sure, looking at blueprints and photographs might give you a similar idea, but having that first-person look is really the best way to experience a property from afar, without actually being there.
  • If you don’t have an available peripheral, then you can always craft one yourself cheaply, or even simply use your smartphone’s built-in accelerometer/gyroscope to get an immersive look at the property through the screen itself in 2D. Of course, alongside this technology, there is also accompanying information, guides, and videos, ultimately forming a universal package that can give any investor peace of mind from afar.

Drone Technology –

A far cry from just a trivial remote-controlled bit of fun, drones have become a major part of the investment process, and are ever probably going to be used in the construction process in the not so far future, too. Investment companies often use photography drones specifically in order to provide views of the surrounding city, and bird eye shots of properties as they’re being built.

In terms of the construction itself, many drones are actually being tested currently on construction sites, assisting workers with things like heavy lifting and structural support. In the not so distant future, it would be safe to assume that drones will be helping in more ways than one when it comes to property, from the building of the apartment/home itself to the marketing and advertising of it to potential buyers and even tenants/residents.

Proptech Platforms –

While perhaps not as flashy or immediately exciting as virtual reality and drones for online property investment, buying and renting platforms such as Zoopla and Rightmove have completely revolutionized the way that people look at houses. Not only does it give people a great basis of information when scoping out their next property, or looking for a city to invest in for the future, but it also puts house buyers in contact with people and properties that they might have never found before.