2021 CISA certification training registration conditions? CISA (Certified Information System Auditor), which has been registered by ISACA since 1978. CISA certificate (Contact here) has become a symbol of the achievement of the holder in the field of information system auditing, control, and security. It has gradually developed into a globally recognized standard. China’s CISA certified auditors play an important role in the field of information security and control. An information system audit is also increasingly recognized by domestic enterprises. As of April 2008, 47,145 people were certified worldwide, and only 666 people were certified in the Chinese mainland. In addition, it will bring a considerable amount of professional and personal benefits. The CISA training enrollment plan of the SPOTO CISA training institution was launched in 2021. Please make an appointment. So, what are the conditions for the registration of CISA certification training in 2021? Let’s look at the introduction of the SPOTO CISA training agency.

Registration Conditions of CISA Certification Training

To Become an Auditor of the Registered Information System, the Applicant must:

  1. Get the passing score of the CISA examination. Only pass CISA test, but fail to obtain the following work experience, the test results can only be valid for five years. If the applicant fails to meet the certification requirements of CISA within five years, the test results will be invalid.
  2. Provide confirmation certificate form of 5 years working experience in information system audit, control, assurance, or safety work. Work experience must be obtained within 10 years prior to the date of application for certification or within five years from the date of initial examination.

ISACA CISA Certification Training Content:

  1. Audit process of information system: provide audit services according to its audit standards, and help organizations protect and control information systems.
  2. IT Governance and management: to ensure that the organization has the structure, policy, responsibility mechanism, and supervision practice that meets the requirements of IT Governance and meets the strategic development of the company.
  3. Acquisition, development, and implementation of information system: to ensure that the practice of purchasing, developing, testing, and implementing information systems conforms to the strategy and objectives of the organization.
  4. The operation, maintenance, and service management of information system: provide guarantee for the operation, maintenance, and support process of information system to meet the strategy and objectives of the organization.
  5. Protection of information assets: to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets for the organization’s security policies, standards, procedures, and controls.

What are the registration conditions for CISA certification training in 2021? The above is the introduction of SPOTO CISA training. If you want to know the cost of CISA training, you can communicate with the CISA course consultant online.

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