Angular is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. Together with React, another JavaScript framework, it has gained popularity and is used by many people. One of its features is the ability to integrate with servers, and this feature has greatly increased the number of mechanisms that can be built.

What is Angular?

Another framework that is often confused with Angular is AngularJS, which differs from Angular developer salary and the fact that it was developed by Google before Angular appeared. However, AngularJS turned out to be imperfect, so Google redesigned the framework, and Angular was born. Alcor will discuss other details in this article.

 The difference between the two is in the base programming language: AngularJS is based on JavaScript, while Angular is based on TypeScript. Angular is considered a separate framework.

Skills Required for Angular Freelance Engineers

Angular freelance engineers need the following two skills

  • JavaScript skills
  • HTML and CSS skills

Angular is typically used for front-end development, so the skills required are necessarily the same as those of front-end engineers.

 JavaScript skills are essential for front-end engineers; they are used in many websites because they can add movement to websites. Also, since Angular is a JavaScript framework, learning JavaScript will inevitably lead to a deeper understanding of Angular.

 HTML and CSS are also called markup languages, and they create the framework necessary for developing the parts of a website that are visible to the user. So it is important to learn HTML and CSS at an early stage.

HTML and CSS are updated frequently, and the current versions are HTML5 and CSS3. It is good to have knowledge of only the latest versions, but it is not uncommon that knowledge and skills of older versions are required at some development sites. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire knowledge of older versions as much as possible.

 In addition, since HTML and CSS are languages that are directly related to the parts that users will see, knowledge and skills related to design may also be required from the wireframe construction stage.

Qualifications for Angular

At present, there are no certifications specific to Angular, but the following two JavaScript certifications are closely related to Angular.

CIW JavaScript Specialist

CIW JavaScript Specialist is one of the leading JavaScript certifications and is an international certification. Since the exam is conducted in English only, this exam is suitable for those who can understand English and who wish to work overseas. However, since it is intended for engineers with a certain level of knowledge and experience, it is a high hurdle for beginners to suddenly obtain this certification. Beginners are advised to prepare well before taking the exam.

 The exam covers the following knowledge and skills related to the Web.

  • Overview of WebAPI
  • JavaScript Language Objects
  • Introduction to JavaScript

If you do not speak English, you will need to study English and prepare for the exam at the same time, which will require more time and effort than other certifications. However, there is no harm in taking the exam, as a good score will give you the great advantage of being able to play an active role in the world. The study methods for this exam include using the materials on the official page and books.

HTML5 Professional Certification Examination

  • The HTML5 Professional certification exam tests knowledge and skills in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and other programming languages used on the front-end side.
  • The exam is graded according to its level of difficulty. Level 1 questions are related to HTML, while Level 2 questions are related to JavaScript. However, even if you only want to take the JavaScript exam, you must pass Level 1 to take Level 2.

The Difficulty of Learning Angular & How to Study it

Because Angular is a JavaScript framework, it is not difficult to learn. The following three are the main methods of learning Angular.

  • Refer to official tutorials.
  • A study using books
  • Try to actually create something.

Refer to Official Tutorials

There are official tutorials for Angular. In the official tutorials, you can learn basic knowledge through hands-on experience while developing applications using Angular.

 Also, when learning to program, beginners often get stuck in technical terms and environment construction. However, the official tutorials provide a glossary of terms and a guide to building the environment in detail, making it possible for beginners to learn smoothly.

A Study Using Books

Many books on Angular have been published, and books are also sufficient for learning. 

A word of caution: do not suddenly purchase books for advanced users. Even if you are familiar with other languages and frameworks, you will not be able to learn efficiently if you buy books for advanced learners. Therefore, in order to learn efficiently and deeply rooted, first get an overall picture with introductory books, and then purchase books for advanced users.

Try to Actually Create Something

After inputting some knowledge, try actually making something. There are no restrictions on what you can make. However, if you try to create something complicated out of the blue, you will get stuck, so we recommend that you start with a simple administration screen or something similar.

If you encounter something you don’t understand during the creation process, look back to official tutorials or books to check. As you repeat trial and error, Angular will naturally take root.

The Future of Angular

Angular has a high future potential in a short period of time, as the number of companies using it is increasing and the number of related projects is also increasing.

 Currently, the IT industry is facing a shortage of engineers and wants to increase development efficiency and productivity as much as possible. Angular is expected to be the answer to this problem.

Because of its features that improve productivity, Angular has become a framework that is valued in the IT industry, where there is a shortage of engineers. In addition, since it is developed by Google, regular updates are expected to continue.

Freelance Angular Projects & Job Trends

Due to the shortage of engineers, there are many openings for Angular projects. In addition, there are many projects that are developed in-house and can be done remotely.

 The followings are the requirements and welcome conditions that are often seen in Angular projects

  • Experience from design to testing
  • Experience in WebAPI development

If you are thinking of taking on an Angular project, it is recommended that you learn these skills beforehand, as you will be more likely to receive the project if you have more knowledge and experience in these areas.