[REVIEW] What’s in Store in the latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus?

Apple’s latest phablet – the iPhone 7 Plus is making the roar in the market; though it looks familiar to the previous launch iPhone 6s Plus, it is indeed a pocket powerhouse. Design wise, and there is no massive innovation with which Apple has come up. However, it is a great phone for its speedy performance, IP67 rating, great camera and some other very delightful iPhone 7 plus features and specs.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The other side of the story is, it’s too pricey. It is the most expensive iPhone to be ever released by Apple. Unless you are a devout fan of the iPhones, there are other phones in the markets to look for as well that won’t cost a hole in your pockets. Nevertheless, there are iPhone 7 Plus contract deals that can male your purchase well in your budget.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Specifications & Features

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – “Design”

iPhone 7 Plus – Design

iPhone 7 Plus jet black is definitely a big phone to hold, but it looks gorgeous. The design this time has been refined with antenna bands are now curvy and sit at the top and bottom edges of the phone. The camera at the back is more pronounced.

Another significant change that comes in iPhone 7 Plus unlocked is the home button. The iconic button to which we all have been accustomed to is now a capacitive pad. It works similar to the touchscreen, and there is an upgraded haptic engine that makes you feel as if you are pressing the home button.

The third significant change and the most talked about is the removal of the headphone jack. Though many are complaining about this change, people have started to accept it for you get a pair of lightning EarPods, there’s a small cable adapter. All, in all, Apple is making us move to wireless headphones. It has launched AirPods, first wireless headphones, available at an extra cost.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – “Screen”

iPhone 7 Plus – Screen

This is one area where Apple could have done better. It still stays on the “retina” display, but no one is complaining about iPhone 7 Plus colors has got the widest color gamut allowing for sharper, crisp and realistic tones.

Netflix is just a delight when you have got so good, speakers. They are just perfect for a phone like iPhone7. You can complain that they sound a bit harsh at the top volume, but nevertheless, they are the best.

iPhone 7 Plus – “Performance”

iPhone 7 Plus – Performance

Well, there is nothing to discuss here for we all know that no one can score better than iPhones when it comes to performance. However, it seems Apple wants to give us more. That’s why you have A10 Fusion processor. Apple though has now moved on to quad core, other phones have been using it off late, but for Apple, it is a welcome move. With 3 GB inbuilt RAM, It does all your chores in a buttery smooth manner, and you would never experience any lags or hang issues. Apple has set the standards very high, and it would be interesting to see who would be able to come at par with it in the near future.

Who can give iOS 10 a miss? It too has its role to play in iPhone 7’s blazingly fast performance. It is though not very different from the previous versions, but Apple has made refinements in various areas. Apple’s core app – iMessage is now feature rich and boasts of a mini App Store from where you can search for GIFs to be sent across to friends and colleagues. Apple Music too has been updated. From updating Siri to bidding goodbye to stock apps, there are many changes that iOS10 brings on the table.

iPhone 7 Plus – “Camera”

iPhone 7 Plus – Camera

iPhone 7 Plus camera review, Just like Huawei P9 and LG G5, This Phone also comes with dual sensor cameras at the back. However, Apple has not added any wide-angle or black and white lens instead it makes use of a second camera for zoom effect. It is like when you switch from 28 mm wide angle lens to 56 mm telephoto lens, you get to see things twice as near to you, but the details do not get distorted.

The 56 mm telephoto lens is equipped with a smaller aperture f/2.8 so you can experience that in low- light the performance is not at par. In well-lit conditions, it, however, works brilliantly. There is a “Portrait Mode” as Apple calls it that lets you get professional quality pictures which no other camera has been able to match so far.

This 128 GB Jet Black iPhone produces amazing video as it can shoot in 4K and with the Slo-mo option, you can capture footage that looks professional and clean. The front camera has got a little update, and that is from 5 MP it is now 7 MP, and thus it takes decent photos.

iPhone 7 Plus – “Battery Life”

iPhone 7 Plus – Battery Life

It disappoints when it comes to the battery as it does not stands out when compared to smaller phones. iPhone 7 Plus Apple, on the other hand, is a beast that lasts long really long. What Apple lacks over here is its reluctance to switch to fast-charging that is now common in most of the phones today. It takes around two hours or so to get the phone fully charged from zero.

Should I Buy the latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus?

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

£719 is the price one needs to pay to own this Device in the UK, very expensive. In U.S. the prices have not been changes, and you get this Phone at the same price as of 6s Plus. Well, this is the price of 32 GB as there is no 16 GB variant.

For 128 GB, you need to pay an extra £100, but if you translate it to how much you get, it’s a better deal, we must say. Whether you should upgrade from iPhone 6 or 6s Plus, if you can do without headphone jack and you are impressed with the camera, go ahead with this iPhone. In case, you expected more out of this Device, wait what Apple can come with when it rings in 10th year anniversary of iPhone in 2017.

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