The San Diego Comic Con 2023 festival is going to be a Mega treat for all anime fans around the globe. The annual fest is going to feature a diverse range of products such as Magna, anime, webcomics, video games, fantasy games, collectable cards, you name it, and it will be in this festival of a lifetime. In this San Diego Comic Con 2023 gigantic article, I’ll be covering almost everything you look for in this season’s most awaited San Diego Comic Con Fest. So let’s check out everything about the San Diego Comic Con 2023 article.

San Diego Comic Con 2023

Topics, in particular, I’ll be covering here are Special San Diego Comic Con 2023 Celebrity Guests, Purchase Badges, Registration, Program San Diego Comic Con 2023 schedule and How fun is attending a comic con Fest in America’s finest city.

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(Event) San Diego Comic Con 2023: History, Schedule, Guests, Tickets & More

So here we are covering all the things for this San Diego Comic Con Event. Now let’s get to know more about this San Diego Comic Con 2023 guide. So just check it out,

Comic Con History:

Comic-con festivals did not come into existence till the late 1960s. In those days the “Detroit Triple Fan Fairs” made a big appearance as a Comic Genre convention which had comics as a significant component. Shel Dorf, a substantial comic enthusiast, visited that convention and was immensely got attracted towards the idea of having a multi-genre comic fest. The avid comics lover Shel Dorf moved to San Diego, and there he held the first comic Minicon in 1970. The other partners in this venture were Mike Towry, Ken Krueger, Barry Alfonso, Greg Bear, Bob Sourk and Richard Alf.

San Diego Comic Con 2023

The first Minicon was a Pivotal project. It was held for a single day at the US Grant Hotel, and the invitees were limited to 300. Later on, the duration of the fest grew to three days, and the crowd grew rampant. There were so many people that Forbes did a separate article on Comic-Con San Diego, they regarded it as “The largest convention of its kind” In recent years the comic con we witness today is being organized from 18th to 21st July 2023. It’s expected that more than 130,000 people will attend the show this time.

Duration18-21 July
VenueSan Diego Convention Centre
San Diego Comic Con 2023 GuestsEddie Campbell, Randal Munroe, Leigh Bardugo, Jon B. Cooke, Rick Geary, Gene Ha, Arvell Jones, and Chris Ware (Till Now)
Special AppearanceNot revealed yet
Booking DateFebruary 14th, 2023
San Diego Comic Con Tickets PriceCost of San Diego Comic Con Tickets: $152 (4-day pass for adults)

San Diego Comic Con 2023

San Diego Comic Con 2023 Schedule:

Comic Con San Diego is going to Begin on Thursday 18th of July to Sunday 21st of July. Last year they began the program with a preview night followed by a program on teaching with comics: A interactive program for Educators and the show concluded with a preview of “One punch man” The famous Magna comics.

This year’s San Diego Comic Con is much awaited for Marvel, as Avengers Endgame is gaining ground around the world. Also, DC has bought several Slots, so hopefully we may see a trailer for the New Aquaman movie. But as of now, there is no accurate information available on San Diego Comic Con 2023 schedule, but we will make sure you’re updated as soon as any info comes out.

San Diego Comic Con 2023

Who will be San Diego Comic Con 2023 Guests:

Like each Comic Con Festival, this one will also start with a “comic con preview night 2023,” and that’s the Juiciest part. You get the best of experience attending the preview night itself. Comic-con Hosts several creations, trailers, and conferences by actors, and creators and there are several slots available for video gaming companies as well. As of now, the Show is three months away hence there is no official confirmation on who’s going to attend this year’s San Diego Comic Con. If you missed the last few Comic cons, let me give you a list of the best appearances made at comic con in previous years.

San Diego Comic Con 2023

YearBest Appearance
2008Keanu Reeves, Cast members of Twilight, Rainn Wilson, Paris Hilton
2009Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto of “Heroes.”, Tyrese Gibson
2010Ryan Reynolds, Ali Larter & Wentworth Miller, Amber Heard & Nicolas Cage
2011Twilight Team, Chris Evans, Charlize Theron, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Carey Mulligan
2012Kristen Stewart, Will Ferrell, Robert Downey Jr., Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Pattinson, Mila Kunis, Tim Burton
2013Sergio Aragon’s, Brian Michael Bendis, Vera Brosgol, Gerry Conway
2014Batman vs. Superman cast, Neal Adams, Ray Billingsley, Mark Brooks, Brian Crane
2015Game of Thrones Cast, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” cast, Melissa Mcbride (The Walking Dead)
2016Wentworth Miller, Will Smith, and Karen Fukuhara, Sigourney Weaver (Aliens) Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana, Team of Dr Strange, Supernatural’s cast
2017Thor Ragnarok team, James Van Der Beek, Charlize Theron
2018Supernatural team, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Stephanie Beatriz, Seth MacFarlane

San Diego Comic Con 2023

San Diego Comic Con Tickets:

San Diego Comic Con 2023 Tickets Pre Booking started selling at $152 for a 4-day pass (Adults). The Pre Booking San Diego Comic Con Tickets were sold entirely in the initial days only. Known as Entry Badges, you need to buy them to get access to the San Diego Comic Con festival. If You want to know the directions, you can get there by visiting The Official website for Comic-Con San Diego.

A Statement from the show organizers has been released for Badges recently.

“San Diego Comic Con 2023 attendee badges are sold out. We thank you for your continued support and we are very grateful to receive such a high level of interest in our event.”

San Diego Comic Con 2023

What to do at Comic-Con San Diego?

If you’re asking this question then most probably you’re a stranger to comic con. At comic con, there is a vast variety of mind-boggling things you can try. It’s once in a lifetime experience, and a regular at the comic con would put it best on how outstanding and magnificent it is to attend a comic con. Here’s a list of things you can try.

  • Check the exhibit hall especially.
  • Dress up as your favourite character.
  • Enjoy a fantastic view of other cosplaying characters.
  • Take pictures with your favourite character.
  • Buy the best Merchandise.
  • Getting a spot in Q&A is the Sweetest deal.
  • Get autographs from your favourite artists.
  • View your favourite movie star live in front of you.

San Diego Comic Con 2023


At the end of this San Diego Comic Con 2023 article, I’d like to mention that if you’re waiting for Marvel to show up and release deleted footage for Endgame then you must visit the Comic Con San Diego because it might just feature that as they have appeared several times earlier, we did a special pre-review for Endgame, and you can check that out before you leave. If you have anything to add or a query I could answer, feel free to drop a comment. Hope you like this San Diego Comic Con 2023 overview article. So this is all about the San Diego Comic Con 2023 article guide.

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