There are fair share chances that you must have heard of Mystery Box. It’s an e-box that is filled with some exciting prizes and gifts. Maybe you have already used one of the mystery boxes and won those Apple gadgets, or perhaps you are someone who is just checking what’s this mystery box is. First of all, I would like to draw your attention to Jemlit. I am very happy to tell you that Mystery Box has been rebranded to Jemlit. Not only has the name been changed, but Jemlit is also a result of the user’s constant support, trust, success, and the team’s continuous effort in improving the services. The purpose of this article is to give you insights on improvement, new features, new gifts, and most important. Why is it worth your attention and money?


What is Jemlit Ebox?

For those who don’t know, Jemlit provides a collection E-boxes that contains lots of exciting prizes that feature Apple products, Samsung products, products related to Clothing, Sports, Music, Games, Jewelry, and much more. Earlier it was limited, but now new products and boxes have been added.


Depending upon your interest and desire, you can freely choose any of the boxes, unlike any other similar services. The one thing that is promised is that you will surely win something no matter which box you choose.


What’s New?

Jemlit has been in service for quite a time; due to user’s trust and support, it is expanding and putting efforts to become better by each day.

  • New E-boxes: New boxes featuring new products have been added, you can now choose from a specific box featuring specific products. There is Music Ebox, Photography Ebox, Sports Ebox, Jewelry Ebox, etc.
  • Provably Fair & Improved Security: Jemlit makes sure that its users are not being cheated. Provably fair allows users to track each roll result. Furthermore, equipped with the SHA12 hashing algorithm your all the data that is transferred is encrypted.
  • Jemcoin Currency: Jemlit also added a new feature of Jemcoin. It is a kind of credits or points which you can buy, keep for future purchases and use for other purposes on Jemlit. Join Jemlit at to get a free code for 1 Free Jemcoin.
  • Known Brands: All the products are from well known top brands like Apple, Samsung, Supreme. So you do not have to worry about the quality and customer support.
  • Reliability: All the prizes that you won are original and comes with a warranty, any purchase that you made is from verified websites.

(Guide) How to Buy Jemlit Ebox

I am sure I have got your attention by now, and you must be wondering, how does this work?. Well, let’s see. Below are all the important steps mentioned to open Ebox win prizes.

1. Signing Up –

The first thing you need to do is signup and deposit the money.

  • STEP 1. Fire up your browser and open this link
  • STEP 2. Now simply create your account, you can use your Facebook account for faster process
  • STEP 3. Once your account has been created, login to the account
  • STEP 4. Now deposit the amount based on your desired Jemlit Ebox


2. Opening Ebox & Grabbing Prizes –

Now that you have completed the first part, you can now proceed to open Ebox.

**NOTE: You have the permission to see all the prizes that an ebox contains.
  • STEP 1. While you are logged in, select your desired Ebox to purchase it
  • STEP 2. Once you have made the purchase, you can open the Ebox
  • STEP 3. Whatever product you have won will be shipped to your given address


Why is it Worth your Attention & Money?

The most important that arises is why should you spend your money into Jemlit Ebox. I totally agree with your reasoning about this. For this, I have an excellent explanation.

  • Happy Customers: Jemlit, at the moment of writing this information, has more than 85,000 satisfied customers and continuously increasing every day. By no means can it be any scam of fraud. Furthermore, we have already talked about how secure it is.
  • Win-Win Situation: What I mean by a win-win situation is that, unlike other similar services. Jemlit makes sure that the users don’t leave empty-handed. It is guaranteed that you are going to win something from your selected Ebox.
  • Products Worth More than you Spend: Each box has a collection of different products from the same or different brand depending upon the Ebox you choose. Ther are a lot of users who have prizes worth 50 times what they have spent.
  • Additional Offers & Giveaways: All the registered users get frequent offers, which include discounts on boxes. Further for there are also Giveaways, which open up the door for more prizes and gifts. To take part in the active Giveaway head on to


Wrapping Up:

With this being the end of the article, I will sum up by saying that Jemlit is a renowned brand. It has managed to gather trust and success from the ground. There are a lot of boxes and a plethora of products. If you are lucky enough, you can get your hands on some expensive products. With frequents offers and giveaways, you increase your chances of winning. And if you really see, there is nothing to lose.

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