Planning is an important part of the workflow, which allows you to coordinate all departments and employees’ work. However, to achieve any goal, step-by-step progress is necessary. And its final implementation depends on the contribution of each employee.

Scheduling With Corporate Screensaver Software

When employees move to remote work, it is important for them to feel part of the overall workflow. Therefore, it is essential to continue seeing how others are working, what the news is in the company, and how the goal is approaching. In order to maintain this unity of the team and allow everyone to view the general picture of the state of affairs in the company, it is important to resort to such a mechanism as planning a corporate screensaver.

Tasks Fulfilled by Corporate Screensaver

The specific functions of a business screensaver vary according to the particular profile of the company. However, there are common features that could be useful for any business:

  • Cybersecurity. If an employee is absent for a long time, the personal information from his device could be stolen by some scammers. While everyone is working at the office, the company is partially protected from such events. However, remote work cannot guarantee that all workers will constantly remember about data security and switch off their devices before going on a break.
  • Planning workflow. You can publish any important or entertaining information on your corporate screensaver. It could be tasks for today, long-term and short-term goals, achievements, motivations, congratulations, etc. Correlating their achievements with colleagues’ achievements, employees are motivated to implement common tasks. This form of presentation is much better than the manager’s annoying comments that others usually work more.
  • Branding. The same screensaver on every employee’s computer creates a sense of identity and belonging to the team of co-workers. A brand becomes common ground for employees performing absolutely different tasks in the organization. It unites managers and constructors, analytics and cell operators, etc. Nowadays, screensavers have become increasingly regarded as a certain attribute of corporate identity, like business cards, pens, T-shirts, or booklets. At the same time, it performs the function of presenting the company’s products or services to the outer world. The more cohesive the team of professionals under the company’s brand, the more positive the company’s image becomes in the eyes of others. The unified business style of your company will make a favorable impression on customers and will help to raise the company’s image.
  • Socializing. Screensavers could become a medium for communication among your employees. The more rich content you will create for your corporate screensavers, the more employees will be involved in the company’s affairs. Boring and uninteresting screensavers that are rarely updated lead to the employees’ disaffection. In such cases, people on a remote work feel not particularly needed and interesting to the company. And if the screensaver plays the role of an environment for daily communication, employees’ attention will always be active. Over time, people will become more interested in company news, especially if you provide interactive elements to your screensavers.

Corporate screensavers are not something fixed and relevant to all cases. You can always customize it for the needs of your particular business. For example, you can separate different audience groups and schedule the messages presented. Besides that, screensavers have the mechanism of self-protection. If someone decides to change it for other pictures, the system will automatically restore itself.

With corporate screensavers, you can be sure that personal data on the computers of your employees are protected, and all-important future activities are presented to everyone. Moreover, feelings of friendliness and active participation in digital communication will spread among the staff. A corporate screensaver will become the saver of your company’s corporate culture!