Before our successful Launch of Serbian MightyTips, we’ve had a very similar success-wise one. We’re talking about MightyTips Brazil, and even though compared to Serbia, our notability wasn’t the same in the South American country, we’ll list some of our operational and mindset strategies that made us thrive in Brazil.

SeoBrothers’ Relevance in the Local Scenario

The Brazilian market’s competition is fierce, and it was maybe one of our hardest-growing projects, but we persevered and are showing steady and consistent growth. 

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Get to Know Your Competitors

We will begin with the important “get to know your competitors” strategy. Not just get to know them, but try to see things from their perspective. Is it their single project? Are they an overseas company that has been doing the same as us from SeoBrothers? How’s their content? Are they famous and relevant?

These are some of the key questions we have in mind until this very present day regarding not only Brazil but every other version of our betting site, MightyTips.

But mainly, in this case, it was extremely important. The Brazilian population is overall composed of gambling enthusiasts since their foundation as a nation, and it is visible that they love traditional sports in general.

Football is their national sport, and why is it relevant for this article, you might be asking yourself. We needed to mention these facts because our competitors knew how to explore them in order to lure punters in.

We believe that when you know your competitor, and know yourself, then you don’t need to fear the outcome of a possible clash, as odds will be totally on your side. And that brings us to the most important point of this section: Get to know your competitors, but don’t let them intimidate you. Respect them as the great and honorable content creators they are. But bear in mind that they should be the unhappy ones with our arrival, not the opposite.

Quality Over Quantity?

Here goes a life hack for you to carry on until your very last day. If someone asks you to pick something between two important things, just say “I’ll do both”.

That’s exactly what we did. Quality over quantity? Why not both? We wanted both, we did it.

Our Brazilian release had, initially, over ten writers working on our articles, and eventually, this number diminished for various reasons.

Some of these authors had absolutely zero betting experience but they had one very important thing: they wanted to do it, almost as much as we did.

The ones who had no previous experience on the punting topic just used their search engines to get to know more about it, created accounts on betting sites, got used to it, and went on to produce some of the greatest betting-related content ever written in Brazilian Portuguese.

Our comments on our website don’t lie. We realistically attracted thousands of visitors in a matter of months, and nowadays, we are respected not only by Brazilian punters but also by our direct competitors.

MightyTips’ International Relevance

We finished the first topic by saying that they should be the ones fearing us, and not the opposite. But why exactly should it be this way?

This happens due to MightyTips’ international relevance. Most of our Brazilian competitors might have inspired themselves in our website and our punting articles, and now they’re actually competing against us in their native language.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have such a reputation as we have by building a solid business over the years, you can take this example and adapt it into your reality.

In case you’re starting out, have some websites you get inspired by. Look their websites up, investigate their authors, fact check their articles… Even baby steps can take you closer to your final goal.

And most importantly, always respect your competitor, even if you’re in a better, most-privileged position than them nowadays. There’s space for everyone at the end of the day.


Throughout this article, we’ve tried to compile some of the most important mindset and proper strategies that allowed us to get relevancy in a busy Brazilian market in less than six months of operation. Every single one of these tips could perfectly be implemented into your business if done right, and while we cannot guarantee short-term results as good as ours, consistency can drag you to the top of your niche.

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