Social media has quickly developed into an effective and successful content marketing strategy for small and large scale industries. One can always see video content taking the internet by storm with each day passing. And as per the future predictions, the trend will continue to remain unchanged, thereby promising a considerable potential to consider for content marketers.

Short Video to Increase Brand Value on Social Media

This has been further substantiated by the mass acceptance of video content by the general audience. The ever-growing number of likes, shares, and comments perfectly demonstrates that people consume the content while also providing overwhelming engagement to the content producer. The stats for video content and video content maker have only grown positively over the years, making it a viable tool to increase social media brand value.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of practical marketing tips that can help you put quality content for increased visibility on the social media platform — without worrying too much about the competition.

Upload Platform-Backed Videos

It’s best for social media platforms like Facebook to upload native videos on the platform for pleasing results. While social media platforms encourage video content and engagement, they prefer native videos instead of external links on their media. The native videos perform with better efficiency and accuracy compared to these embedded URLs.

There are two possible reasons for the difference in performance for native videos and externally linked videos, such as YouTube.

  • Native videos don’t require manual approval to start playing when the user is scrolling down the UI. On the contrary, externally embedded links such as YouTube videos make it hard to ask for manual operation.
  • Native videos are well supported by their respective social media platforms, thereby allowing them to watch the video content inside the UI environment. The external URLs are played on separate pages, asking them to leave the source platform for viewing.

As mentioned earlier, both of the reasons state that native videos contribute enormously to elevate the overall experience. Hence you must consider investing in native videos to get relevant returns to build your online presence for the business.

Share Short Videos

Having posted video content online, your focus will now move onto the next objective at hand- audience engagement. It would help if you adapted to creating short but value-oriented videos for your audience, which could ultimately benefit your brand to draw attention. Furthermore, it can spread brand awareness and improve your organic reach to broader horizons.

Taking a deeper dive will show that there are several reasons for short video content being effective on social media. The most significant fact is their “bite-sized” structuring or easy to “snack” model. They are designed to be time-saving yet informative at the same time.

Short videos have an exclusive consumer section dedicated to them on the internet. They fit for those individuals who require content but lack time to watch with patience. These classes of people are eager to consume your content, but without hampering their routine. The stat further backs this observation that 80% of all social media content is consumed on mobile devices worldwide.

Tell a Story

With the change of time, human mindset and sensibilities have changed as well. For instance, the modern-day population is not enthusiastic about hard selling. Instead, they get annoyed if some seller is pitching his product or service without caring for the potential customers’ consent or interest. Traditional marketing tropes like cold calls or television ads are irrelevant for millennials today. It’s safe to claim that hard selling has seen a steep decline in the last few years.

Include Call to Action

You must follow the right strategy when embarking on a video marketing campaign on social media. While there are plenty of other options available, short videos continue to be a significant player in social media marketing. Hence your primary ambition should be to produce quality and competent short videos which will invite audience engagement on the internet. You must consider embedding a strong call to action to ask any potential audience. You need to encourage your audience at every point to receive quality post engagement and circulation.

Leverage Current Assets

It’s entirely possible that producing social media content daily using an online video editor could seem daunting to you. There is no need for any worry. Under such situations, you should consider all the content and assets that you have in your inventory. If you have the proper nouse, you can effortlessly convert your existing assets into compelling social media content. Otherwise, there is also the alternate option for content media agencies to hire for professional guidance.

It’s already well established that video content provides a more significant edge over regular marketing content tropes when it comes to social media. Posting social media content allows your audience convenient and easy access for viewing as well as involvement.

While all these tips can help you to get a good launch on the social media marketing front, it will be you who will have to make the ultimate difference. Make sure you invest in relevant and high-quality content.

Key Takeaway

Social media is on its finest hour as we speak, and you need to leverage its resources to expand your business for better visibility and success. Switching to a commercial point of view will state that content marketing strategies guide brands to build relationships with millennials- something that you can consider investing in, along with emotion, to convert them from social media users into buyers.


As per the industry experts and observers, online videos will dominate the top portion of consumer internet traffic by 2025. Much like any good thing, they are already ahead of time, with videos already popping up on your newsfeed as we speak. Under such promising conditions, you must step in to take your business to the next level.

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