In this age of instant messaging, emails are still considered one of the most convenient methods of communication, as indicated by over 280 billion emails that are sent in the world daily.

Email Marketing Campaign

Even though there are tons of guides on running a successful email marketing campaign on the internet, most do not offer a solution for a very basic problem faced by amateurs and professional email marketers alike. The problem, to be specific, is how an email marketer or promoter can easily collect the email addresses of prospective target customers.

If you are searching for a way to get validated and purpose-oriented email addresses to boost your email campaign, look no further than

About – ( is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to find emails from social networking platforms, SERPs, and website pages. Apart from functioning as a tool to find emails that fit your requirements, also has an email checker tool to verify if the email address(es) you have are valid or not.

How to Get Started with

As mentioned in the above section, the services offered by are available as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. So make sure you’re using Chrome before starting with

If you’re already using Google Chrome, here’s how you can begin using the tool:

  1. First, visit the official Email Finder extension page by clicking here.
  2. Then, click on the Add to Chrome button to install the extension.
  3. After the installation is complete, a new tab will open where you can either create a new account or log in using your Google account.
  4. After completing the sign-in procedures, you can then find new email addresses or verify emails; both of the processes are covered below.

How to Find Email Addresses using

We have taken two case scenarios to show you how easy it is to find email addresses using one using Google search and the other using the LinkedIn social networking platform.

Scenario 1: Finding Email Addresses using from Google Search

  1. First, launch the Chrome browser and go to the Google search page. Then, in Google search, type your query.
  2. After the search results are loaded, click on the extension icon in the top right corner beside the address bar. Once you click the icon, a list of websites that match your search query will be displayed. They match the page of the Google SERP you launch the extension on.
    Finding Email Addresses using from Google Search
  3. Next, click on the Get emails by domains button. In the next section, enter the number of email addresses you wish to save per domain name and pick the type of email address that you are interested in. Then, click on the Get emails by domains button to start collecting.
  4. Choose the list to save emails to and click Save Selected. You can then access the saved email addresses by visiting the Prospects page in your account at The search usually takes less than a minute.

As you can see, you can search for terms that relate to your area of interest and find email addresses from the SERP that can generate leads and sales. Besides Google, you can use any search engine of your choice. However, the extension is currently only available for Google Chrome.

Scenario 2: Finding Email Addresses from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms professionals use worldwide and one of the best sources of enriched leads on the internet.

  1. Go to LinkedIn and search by any parameter, for example, web developers. After the LinkedIn search results are loaded, launch by clicking the extension icon to the right of the address bar.
  2. A list of email addresses will be generated from the profiles listed on the results page. Next, click the Find Emails and Save button.
  3. In the next section, you can prevent saving email addresses that already exist in your list by ticking the Do not save previously added prospects box. You can also set the range of result pages from which you wish to extract the email addresses, for example, only the first five pages.
    Finding Email Addresses from LinkedIn
  4. After setting the parameters, click on the Find Emails and Save button and wait for the emails to be saved to your Prospects page, which can be accessed by visiting

How to Verify Email Addresses using

Emails sent to invalid addresses will increase the bounce rate. A high bounce rate for emails can ruin your email reputation and even get you suspended; therefore, verifying any email address you may have before actually sending a campaign to it is important. lets you verify email addresses collected through the Email Finder tool and the ones you already have. You can either verify emails in bulk or verify individual email addresses.

Below we have listed the steps to verify email addresses using,

  1. When you visit your Prospects page and pick a list of email addresses, you will see that each email address has a colored dot next to it (as shown in the image below)
    How to Verify Email Addresses using
    A green bubble indicates that the email address exists and is verified. An orange bubble indicates that the email address is not valid. A yellow bubble indicates that an error occurred while trying to verify the email. Finally, a transparent bubble indicates that the email address has not yet been
  2. To verify a list of email addresses, choose the list prospects, and press the Verify current list button.
  3. You can also verify individual emails by selecting the Verify email button.

How to Verify Email Addresses

And that’s how you can easily verify email addresses using the tool. Usually, the verification takes less than a minute for smaller lists.


We hope you found this guide on finding email addresses and verifying them using informative. Keeping your email list full and verified is the secret to always having a consistent inflow of quality leads that convert better.

  • Create a Buyer Persona
  • Always Personalize your Emails
  • Always Verify your Emails

Summary is an extension for the Google Chrome Browser that allows you to find Emails from Social Networking Platforms, SERPs, & Website Pages. Apart from functioning as a Tool to find Emails that fit your Requirements.


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