Are you thinking about starting a new business?

Startup Costs That A New Business Owner Need to Know

Setting up a new business requires a lot of effort and dedication towards your goal. However, these two things are not enough to start a business. There are different costs that you will need to know about before getting started.

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(Top 10) Startup Costs that a New Business Owner Need to Know

Hence, creating a proper budget considering all the expenses of starting a business is necessary. This article is going to discuss 10 startup costs that a new business owner needs to know.  These costs generally add up in the budget of every small or big organization. 

Office WorkSpace

The first thing you are going to need is a place to set up your office. That is one of the business operational costs that you will need to add to your budget. The cost of the workplace depends on the type of office you rent.

It also includes office furniture and other materials required at the workplace. There are always different options to choose that suits your business requirements.

Bonus Tip: You can offer work from home to your employees and save a business operational cost.

License & Permits

Organizations are required to get the necessary business licenses and permits to carry out their operations from the government. Although these are usually one-time costs, they still need to be considered before starting a new business.

It includes several types of machinery and workplace licenses with business operational permits. 

Bonus Tip: It is better to research before registering for unnecessary licenses and permits.

Calling Solution

Every business needs a calling solution to connect with their customers. You will need to consider the calling charges in your budget as it can cause some problems if not handled properly. 

The best practice is to get a virtual 0844 business number that charges less money for better services. It is necessary because a FreePhone number can increase your calling bills to provide customer support solutions. On the other hand, 0844 call charges are way affordable than a regular business number.

Calling Solution

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Business Inventory & Machinery

A business that deals in products will need to bear some inventory costs at the starting of its production. On the other hand, a firm that provides service may not have to spend much on the inventory. However, machinery costs are always a thing for all types of businesses.

You will need to decide what percent of your budget you want to contribute to your inventory and machinery. It is crucial for a business because your performance depends on the type of material and machinery you use.

Employee Payroll

A new startup can take some time to start generating revenue for the organization. However, you will need to pay your employees even when there are no sales for your products and services. That is why you need to consider the payroll of your employees.

This cost varies for businesses as it depends on different factors such as the number of employees, salary, other reimbursements, etc.

Website & Social Media Handling Costs

In the digital world, every business needs to show their presence on the Internet. Having a website and social media account is the best way to do it. However, getting and managing the website and social media accounts cost you hundreds of dollars in the beginning.

Hence, it counts as one of the first business operational costs for every business. The managing costs depend on the type of agency you hire to look after your accounts.

Bonus Tip: Using your website for marketing can save you some major costs of advertisements.


All businesses need a proper marketing strategy to launch a successful business. It includes different costs of marketing and paid advertisements from various channels and platforms. These costs generally go hand in hand with the revenue of the company.

However, you will need to have a budget to boost your marketing campaign before the launch of your business. 

Bonus Tip: Hiring a digital marketer for your marketing campaign is a great way to utilize all the money spent on advertisements. They know how to run campaigns managing your resources.

Legal Advisors

A business needs legal advisors and professional consultants that help them in making decisions. The amount of money spent on the consultants and advisors depends on the scale of your business. 

However, it is advised to consider this business cost to avoid facing any business loss. They are useful while starting your business as they experience handling hundreds of businesses. 

Insurance Expenses

Having business insurance is necessary for almost every country. You can not operate a business without getting it insured by an insurance platform. Hence, you can consider insurance expenses in your startup costs.

It includes insurance like worker compensation insurance and commercial property insurance. 

Shipping and Travel costs

Some of the business requires you to ship the products to different places. These charges must be considered while preparing your business budget as most of the payments are made after receiving the order. 

Similarly, you will need to include the travel charges for your business meetings and deals. Additionally, you can consider your employee’s travel allowance in the costs.


Proper research of the business costs can save you a lot of time and money in your startup. After reading these 10 startup costs that a new business owner needs to know, anyone can start their business with a proper budget. 

Although there can be some other business expenses, still these costs include almost every considerable expense of a startup. Remember that small changes like using WeNumber to get 0844 virtual numbers can bring a great result in your startup plan.