Currently, there are lots of TV boxes which are coming with amazing unique features. And, because of such individual features, people are often confused which product is the best to buy at this given time. But, today we are here to provide you with a review of the Android Box with its complete features and specifications whose name is Tanix TX28 TV Box. The elegant design with a high-speed processor makes it a must buy for those who are fond of high-end specs. TX28 TV Box is brand new Android TV Box. From the design to the processor speed, from the outer appearance to hidden surprises, all make it an excellent piece of the Android TV Box. You can buy this smart Android TV Box with a package of $ 69.99 only.

Tanix TX28

Tanix TX28 Review

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(Buying Guide) Tanix TX28 Review TV Box Deal Price

At a Glance,

GPUMali 450
CPURK3328 and RK3399
Operating system (OS)Android 7.1
WiFi2.4 GHz / 5GHz Dual Band WiFi
Dimensions10.50 X 10.50 X 2.50 cm
Weight0.3500 kg
Core1.5GHz, Cortex A53, Octa Core
HDMI Version2.0
ConnectivityWireless, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

The design of the Tanix TX28 Android TV is classic and elegant, but the real surprise is inside the Android TV Box as it offers the high-speed of the data flow with the powerful processor equipped with it.

So, let us discuss the features and specifications of this Android TV Box.

Tanix TX28 Features and Specifications –

Tanix TX28 Design:

Tanix TX28 Design

Before buying a product, a person sees the outer design of the product rather than the inner surprises such as memory, processor or other. The TX28 TV Box has an elegant front display. The hardware of the TX28 TV is made with the plastic of very high quality. The eye catchy design of the TV Box looks beautiful to others. The Android TV Books has a small LED screen. The Android TV has a speed of 60 frames per second and has an external WiFi antenna. The black color of the Android TV Box gives it a classic look.

Tanix TX28 Processor:

This Android TV Box is equipped with the RK3328 and RK3399 CPU. The processor enhances the speed of the data as well as improves the performance of the TV.

Tanix TX28 RAM

  • The 4GB LPDDR3 RAM offers a high-speed network without interruption to its users.
  • If you are a network geek, then you will love to have such high-speed network which this Android TV Box offers you.
  • This Tanix TX28 Android TV Box has RK3328 processor, and the processing speed is so fast that you can run many applications within a fraction of a second. You don’t have to wait until latency time.
  • You can transfer data at a higher speed.
  • Professor provides you a fast processing system.

Tanix TX28 GPU:

This Android TV is equipped with Mali 450 GPU.

  • With this GPU one can watch high-definition images in their home theaters and can enjoy the gaming experience with the high-definition as well.
  • This android TV provides you the best viewing experience because of HD videos and images.

Tanix TX28 Speed:

The high-speed connectivity provides a speed of 60 frames per second. If you love to surf or browse the internet, then this high-speed network will give you high experience.

  • You can have communication across the globe with applications such as Skype video call, Facebook, etc.
  • With the high internet quality, you will have the best communication experience across the world such that you can connect with your loved ones as you are talking with them at your home.

Tanix TX28 Connectivity:

You can connect the TV box with the phone or with the remote control via Bluetooth or via WI-FI connection.

Tanix TX28 Add on Features

  • Ethernet Network offers you very high network speed thus you can enjoy videos or games without interruption or pause.
  • The high-speed connectivity with the network will give you an excellent video and gaming experience which you will love to have.
  • You can connect wirelessly thus giving ease of connectivity.
  • You don’t need to be various data cables or devices to connect to the internet

Tanix TX28 Memory:

The 4GB random access memory (RAM) and 32 GB Read-only Memory (ROM) provides it an excellent storage memory so that you can download and install various of the applications as well as videos, wallpapers, images or whatever you want to install.

  • The high storage memory offers you an ability to store. With the help of the USB port, you can transfer files as well from your Android TV box to USB or from USB to Android TV box.
  • The high data storage offers you continues videos without hang or any pause or buffering in between.
  • You can run many applications at the time because of high storage random access memory.
  • You can access anything within fractions of second thus you don’t have to wait.

Tanix TX28 Ports:

This Android TV Box has many ports. The most common ports are TF card port, USB port (where you can install your pen drives or other various external devices), ethernet port, HDMI port, power and many other ports are available to you to attach the external devices with your Android TV Box.

Tanix TX28 PortsYou can directly watch movies from an external device such as pen-drive and can experience the high-quality video without the need of the internet.

  • With the help of the ports, you can expand your TV Box memory as well.
  • This Tanix TX28 Android TV has six main ports used to attach external devices so that you can enjoy whatever you want at your home theater.

 Tanix TX28 Add-ons:

Tanix TX28 Add on Features

You can download and install many add-ons or applications by yourself in this TV box. As a result; you can enjoy YouTube, Facebook, Skype Chatting, Whats app and Picasa and many other applications in this TV Box. All the chatting, gaming and video applications are available for you to download and to install by yourself. While many Add-ons are preloaded with this Android TV Box and many you can download and install by yourself.

Tanix TX28 Display Quality:

Tanix TX28 Display quality

The high-definition pictures and images have high pixel clarity. If you are fond of the transparency, then this Android TV Box is developed just for you. It provides you an enjoyable, smooth experience to watch high-quality images and videos. If you love to watch TV with higher clarity, then this product is for you. The device offers you 4K ultimate high-definition videos which give you an excellent experience of watching home theater.

Tanix TX28 Gaming & Video Experience:

Tanix TX28 Display

This Tanix TX28 Android TV Box offers you the best video experience; you can download any video software such as MX player or any other, other software or application. You can enjoy high-quality video with the help of the streaming video player. You can download various of games and can enjoy both the high-quality video experience and high-quality gaming experience. With this TV Box, one can expand his or her viewing experience of watching Television. The visual quality is as clear as you see the pictures are real in front of you. So feel free to view high-quality sports shows, movies, fun shows and add fun and entertainment in your life.

Tanix TX28 Pros:-

  • The Elegant Front Display
  • Fast Processing System
  • Mali 450 GPU
  • High-Speed Connectivity
  • Very High Network Speed
  • Excellent Storage Memory
  • 4K Ultimate High Definition Videos


From the superb design to storage capacity and high-speed processor, it becomes a perfect choice for a family to have t their home theater. So, if you want to entertain your family with the advanced picture quality then this Tanix TX28 TV Box is a gift to them which can add entertainment with the higher quality picture in their’s life. In this digital age, various of products launch every day but this is the TV Box with its design, specifications, and features make it a must-have product at your home theater.

Tanix TX28- Design

If you are an entertainment geek, then this Tanix TX28 product is for you. It is like a full package for you and your family and is perfect for your home theater with its lots of features. Whether you believe or not but this Android TV Box offers a lot of features with affordable price of $69.99.