Microsoft Windows is known for giving the most secure platform to its users. Chiefly The authentication steps to verify the authenticity of users working on the Windows is highly commendable. Also, Professionals working on Windows use the highest degree of security for their valuable information. The most praised Security of Windows, which is brutal on scrutinizing the integrity of users. On some rare instances, users face the error. The Access Code is Invalid while they’re trying to access some files or logging into the system. Even though the password they enter is correct, they could see this error. In this The Access Code Is Invalid Windows article, we’ll figure out the most working solution for this problem.

The Access Code Is Invalid

What is The Access Code Is Invalid Error Issue?

On rare occasions, windows users witness. The access code is invalid Windows error message while they’re trying to access files, apps, or even the whole system. Irrespective of whether the credential entered is correct or not. Windows also interrupt the users with this error message while they try to import data from another source, Configure data, or the registry of the system they are working on. Outcome fo this error is that the users don’t get access to the individual files, apps, or the platform they’re trying to gain access.

Causes of The Access Code Is Invalid Error Issue:

The Most apparent reason a person could imagine for the occurrence of this error is incorrect credentials. However, as strange as it sounds, there are other reasons which could trigger this error in your computer system or laptop working on windows platform. This The Access Code Is Invalid Windows Error message works irrespective of the edition of Windows you’re working on such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10. Here are a few reasons behind this error message.

  • Incorrect password, passkey, username or other credentials
  • Windows not updated upto the latest updates
  • Corrupted files
  • Virus presence in the windows
  • An Internet Malware Attack

How to Fix & Solve The Access Code Is Invalid Error Problem

It is a frustrating experience when you see The access code is invalid Windows even though you have entered one hundred percent correct passkey. This error could occur due to various other factors, and we’ll have a detailed look at each of them in the next segment.

1. Scan your Computer –

Here’s one way to mitigate the error message. Generally, this error occurs when you have some virus or malware attack on your Windows computer. It’s simple these days for a bug or malware to slip inside your system through the internet. Even though there are dedicated antiviruses and firewall working persistently for the safety of the computer, somehow a virus gets access. To fix this chrome remote desktop, the access code is invalid Windows, and you can follow these steps.

The Access Code Is Invalid

  • Log into your computer
  • Open the windows defender from the search box
  • Look for a complete scan option
  • Perform a full scan on your computer
  • Done!

2. Install the Latest Windows Updates –

Indeed, a missing update could be a link to the error the access code is invalid chrome remote desktop. To fix the update issue, you can easily update your windows by following these simple steps.


  • Log into your computer
  • Search for updates in the search box
  • Open check for updates
  • Updates window should pop up
  • Search for Updates
  • Download the available updates
  • Install the updates

3. Repair your Registry –

One more approach to eradicate this error 12 the access code is invalid print spooler error is fixing the registry. Now, this may sound like diving into the technical sea but trust me. It’s easy. You can efficiently perform a registry repair on your computer through the command prompt and going to the administrator mode. One simple command will start an in house repair of your registry files.

sfc scannow

  • Search for CMD file in the Search Box
  • choose to open as administrator
  • open command prompt
  • type the following command
sfc /scannow
  • Done!

Now you may be asked to restart your computer once or twice, but that’s part of the process so do not hesitate to follow the same.

4. Remove the Recent Softwares –

Internet is not the only way a virus can get entry inside your computer. When you install a program from a third party or unknown sources, you’re susceptible to contracting a virus attack on your system. Now an antivirus can only do so much as remove the file but what about a run time or a cache file that creates on its own every time you run a software? To counter this chrome remote desktop, the access code is invalid Windows, and you can remove the new software from your computer.

add or remove

  • Go to add or remove programs
  • Search for the recently installed softwares
  • Uninstall any shady or current software
  • Done!

5. Check File Permissions –

While trying to log into files, you may get the access code is an invalid error when you do not have the appropriate authority. The access code is invalid chrome remote desktop maybe because of using someone else or a used computer. Follow the steps to get permission.

file permission

  • Right-click on the file you’re trying to access and tap properties
  • Go to the Security part
  • Click edit option
  • Select your name from the user’s list and check Full control for Allow part
  • Let yourself Full control
  • Click ok
  • Done!


These were the best methods to fix The Access Code Is Invalid Windows error message. Let me know if you face any challenges in following these steps and have a beautiful day!

Hope you like this. The Access Code Is Invalid Windows Guiding Article. Thanks for checking 🙂