It is tougher than ever to unblock your Netflix account. The company started to ban residential IPs; it left many people blocked from their Netflix accounts. Since these bans have become so robust, various VPNs that somehow promise access to Netflix do not work.

That is why we test more than 300 VPNs regularly with 50 plus libraries of Netflix from all over the world. We have gathered an extensive list of best VPNs for Netflix that we usually keep up to date. At the testing time, the best services can easily unblock over 20 regions, so you will be highly able to watch your favorite and most famous content without any difficulty.

Want to know the most reliable and best VPN for Netflix and how you can find the right one? If yes, just keep reading;

The Best VPNs for Netflix: Full Analysis

1) ExpressVPN – Best Overall

The extensive network of ExpressVPN in 90 countries of 30,000 servers gives access to more than 20 libraries of Netflix, including the UK, Japan, Australia, France, and the US. For the testing purpose, I gained access to a few trickier libraries in Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, Panama, and Brazil.

Furthermore, it offers apps for the main browser extension and operating systems. Also, it works with Amazon Firestick, Kodi, Smart TVs, Roku, Chromecast, and PlayStation. Its feature of MediaStreamer lets you efficiently stream Netflix using any of the devices that have a connection with WiFi and also that do not support VPNs normally. It just took me about five minutes to unblock my US Netflix using MediaStreamer. In this way, it is convenient to watch your most interesting and favorite shows on the big screen directly.

2) Private Internet Access – Large Server Network

PIA (Private Internet Access) has a broad server network in 70 countries of about 29,650 servers. I tested a lot of servers of PIA and observed that it could efficiently unblock the Netflix UK, US, Canada, Australia, and 12 other libraries. While using the servers of PIA, you can conveniently access lots of various Netflix libraries. With the US-optimized and efficient streaming server, I was also able to unblock many other streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney.

The plan for 3 years is just $2.03 per month & sometimes you even get entirely free service months, too. Plus, it also comes with 1 year of outstanding Boxcryptor Cloud security. In addition, the one-year plan is the most efficient too, so that is also highly recommended by many users. Monthly plans contain a little higher cost, so many people will probably prefer long-term and efficient plans.

3) ProtonVPN – Unlimited Bandwidth

ProtonVPN generally offers a lot of bandwidth. Therefore, you won’t have to be worried about how much you can exactly watch using this VPN. For testing this VPN, I opened the Twilight marathon & consistently watched almost all the movies in a single day. The nicest thing was that I watched all the movies without any kind of exceptional interruptions or disturbance. It contains a network in 60 countries of about 1,610 servers that you can easily use to access Netflix conveniently all over the globe.

Additionally, it also offers unique and decent speeds. I streamed Netflix in HD on about three of its servers. The speeds averaged about 10.4 Mbps, which are undeniably sufficient for HD streaming. On German and French servers, the speed was about 20.4 Mbps. However, these are not the highest speeds, and you can watch the famous and most favorite shows without any disturbance.

How to Select the Best VPN for Netflix – Tips & Tricks

While selecting the best VPN for Netflix efficiently, there are some criteria that you should pay great attention to. Here are the best tips & tricks you should definitely follow;

  • Can access to United States Netflix: US Netflix is a very big library out there & likely has a lot of shows you would really love to watch. I tested almost all the three VPNs on this extensive list to make sure that their servers of US can unblock Netflix consistently.
  • Unlimited data & Fast speeds: A VPN with unlimited data and fast speeds will enable you to stream in Ultra HD and HD, even during peak hours and long-distance connections.
  • Compatibility with lots of devices: Find a VPN that is highly compatible with the exact devices you really want to stream your Netflix on. The VPN should support the routers & have a feature of Smart DNS so that you can smoothly stream Netflix on the gadgets that don’t typically work with the VPN apps.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee or free trial: It is necessary to test the VPN before you commit to a subscription to understand what you are exactly signing up for. I ensured that all VPNs on the above list offer a free trial or money-back guarantee.

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