The Last Of Us Part II is a challenging game. Not only in its story material but its 30-hour campaign, in the difficult fighting encounters, puzzles, and set pieces that it throws at the player. If you’ve played the first game to get used to the controls, you may think you’re ready, but I would argue that even then when you’re thrown into a life or death situation and forced to fight one of the game’s new intelligent enemy factions, you will be left without a paddle.

The Last Of Us Part II - Thinks Good to Know

How to Find Collectibles the Easy Way

Take Advanced Listen Mode, for instance, which is under navigation and traversal. For those of you who are not too skilled in poring over every nook and cranny to locate collectibles, this is useful. You can easily just press R1 and Circle by triggering it in the menu, and Ellie will ping the setting around her. If there is something in the spectrum that you can pick up, you can detect noise and receive a visual cue.

Some of the collectibles in this game are a total hassle to find, but you can trigger a collectible checker in another part of the options menu, which is useful after you’ve beaten the game as it marks collectibles that you’ve already found with a random icon so you know you don’t have to pick it up again.

Tweak the Difficulty to your Liking

The first question is about the level of difficulty once you’ve got your choices sorted. I completely love the fact that the game does not place anything behind those issues. In fact, to really fine-tune the experience, the difficulty itself can be tweaked by various parameters. You can create a personalized difficulty outside the actual difficulty setting that will adjust the actions of enemies, set the effectiveness of your AI, alter the damage dealt and affect the amount of resources you can find in the world.

Don’t Spend Supplements or Parts for the Sake of it

Ellie will accumulate parts (bolts) and supplements (pills and pill bottles) that are scattered around the game’s environments as you advance through the early stages of The Last Of Us Part II. Make sure you pick them up as they are extremely valuable, but bear in mind that as soon as you receive them, you do not have to spend them. In the case of parts, in the game where Ellie can jerry-rig a weapon, you will be introduced to workbenches at various times, but when you unlock new weapons throughout the campaign, saving parts instead of using them on upgrades you don’t really need can be helpful.

Given that in your first playthrough you won’t be able to upgrade anything (unless you’re very obsessed), it’s recommended that you save some of your components for the more costly upgrades on the weapons you want that improve damage or add features such as scopes and rangefinders.

The same can be said for supplements, where there’s a similar system. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock different training manuals, which open up new upgrade branches.