Since the introduction of AWS in 2004, it has helped businesses across different industries to cut down their operational costs. A report released by Amazon revealed that Amazon Web Services has over 1 million users spread across 190 countries. The majority of these users comprise small and mid-sized businesses.

The Main Benefits of AWS Services

Even though AWS has become one of the leading companies globally, users want to ensure that they can get the services they are looking for before subscribing. For example, companies need to get physical servers for work to get done in the organization. Rather, they can capitalize on the cloud technology provided by AWS to access the right size and secure servicer within a very short time. 

That’s the reason why we’ve created a list of the top benefits of AWS to give you as much information as possible you need to make an informed decision. Let’s delve in!

Ease of Use

There are different types of hosting solutions for people to choose from. The main idea is that you should access the services on time regardless of your needs or where you’re located. With AWS, all this has become possible using the management console, enabling users to deploy and configure their cloud computing instances according to their requirements. This is one of the greatest advantages of managed IT services providers like AWS.


AWS ensures user productivity because it provides support 24/7 through its highly automated infrastructure to access applications anytime and anywhere they want. AWS also leverages Auto Scaling technology that allows users to automatically scale compute resources based on user-defined rules and schedules. Currently, Amazon Web Services offers 42 geographical regions worldwide across 16 infrastructure services in 112 products.


AWS has since branched out to different services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS Support, etc., which have helped companies significantly reduce their operational costs by cutting down on expenses such as hardware purchases and maintenance. 

Reliability & Security

Security is one of the most important concerns for organizations opting for cloud computing solutions because they want to ensure that their sensitive data are well protected from unauthorized access. That’s why AWS enables users to compute resources in multiple geographic locations, so there’s no need to worry about downtime or business continuity anymore. AWS also can encrypt the data at rest using several encryption techniques, including AES-256 encryption.

Besides, you can always count on AWS cloud to be up and running because it’s built with the latest technologies such as N + 1 redundancy for all critical systems, which means there are always multiple copies of each piece of data stored across different locations, so there’s virtually no risk of downtime or failure. This enables businesses to seamlessly keep their websites safe from threats such as viruses and malware and protect crucial business information without worrying about data loss.   


AWS will make people’s lives easier by allowing users to scale their businesses vertically and horizontally, seamlessly to handle massive traffic every day. For example, when Amazon started its book-selling business, it was really small, requiring just a couple of servers. However, over time, the company has grown exponentially, which meant they needed an infrastructure capable of handling larger loads in quick time.

That’s where AWS came into play because it allowed Amazon to instantly launch computer resources without worrying about managing physical hardware or software licenses which can be costly when you have so much at stake. What makes this service stand out is how simple you can configure these resources to fit into any environment.

Location Flexibility

Another importance of AWS consulting is flexibility in a location which means you can run your business from anywhere, leveraging AWS global infrastructure. This service makes it easier for organizations to deploy resources wherever they are needed without worrying about latency or packet loss because all services are replicated across multiple locations around the world. Also, when you subscribe to AWS cloud, you have access to their 42 geographical locations in 16 regions globally, including Brazil, China, Japan, Singapore, Sydney, and even Poland.   

Unlimited Server Capacity

AWS enables users to have a scalable web hosting platform built for excellent performance, security, and speed. Doing so makes way for endless possibilities for businesses because they can now scale their servers without limits from a few terabytes to petabytes of storage capacity. This is possible because AWS stores data across multiple locations, so there’s always a backup in place if one specific location goes down.

Reliable Marketplace

A benefit that every user will enjoy about the Amazon marketplace service is that it gives users direct access to some of the world’s top developers, manufacturers, media publishers, and other providers who offer a wide range of products through this platform at competitive prices. This also ensures better pricing instead of buying physical hardware or software licenses to run your business.

No Commitment Charges

Another benefit for all AWS users is that you pay only for the resources you use and nothing more. That means there are no upfront costs or long-term commitments that can save your business a ton of money instead of purchasing expensive hardware and software licenses.

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