While Using a Printing device with a Windows computer, a user may get the error The Printer Out of Paper Error A Laymen will probably think the apparent reason is that you’re out of paper and need to refill the paper tray to continue using your Printer. However, sometimes, a user gets such an error message irrespective of whether he is out of paper or not. In such circumstances, the user may get exhausted, thinking why he’s getting this error message. The first thing I’ll suggest is not to panic, the error is not so uncommon, and we can efficiently resolve it following some security methods. In this the Printer Out of Paper Error article, I’m going to talk about some hands-on techniques that work exceptionally well with this problem.

This shows an error code message like,

Printer Out of Paper

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What is The Printer Out of Paper Error Problem?

A user working on Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer may get The Printer Out of Paper error message while trying to perform a print command for a document. Furthermore, these errors may prohibit or delay the time consumed in printing a message.

Causes of The Printer Out of Paper Error Issue:

The most obvious reason for getting The Printer Out of Paper Error Message is that your paper tray of the Printer is empty, and you need to refill it. However, some other reasons could also incite this error message, such as given below.

  • Empty Paper Tray
  • Loose Connections
  • Old Printer Driver
  • Incompatible Driver for Printer
  • Compatibility issue in between System Built-in and Third-Party Apps

How to Fix & Solve The Printer Out of Paper Error Problem Issue

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the simplest and effective methods that require the least technical knowledge, and anyone can perform them.

1. Reload the Paper –

If the Samsung Printer Out of Paper error issue is related to Paper, the first and foremost method is to check the paper positioning and whether the paper is not stuck anywhere. Follow these steps in Unload and reload the document correctly.

The printer is out of paper

  • Turn off the Printer
  • Take out the paper from the paper tray
  • Clean the paper tray with a dry cloth
  • Load the paperback in the tray
  • Restart the Printer
  • Done!

2. Check the Panel Behind the Printer –

The back panel of your Printer might not be in place or out of order. Check the positioning and placement of the Read cover of your Printer. If it isn’t, there could be some old paper or Printing paper jammed or stuck in the paper roller. So that it will fix this can Printer Out of Paper error issue.

The printer is out of paper

  • Remove the Rear Panel completely
  • Clean the Hardware
  • Remove any debris or Jammed Paper
  • Put the rear Panel back in order
  • Done!

3. Reset the Printer Hardware –

One possible reason why your printer is not printing correctly and giving you errors is that it has been overworked, which could even tire the best of printers. You can reset the printer, and this should fix the common printer problems. Not only it sets the Printer Out of Paper when it’s not error message, but it also takes care of other printing problems. Follow these steps to reset printer like a professional.


  • Switch off the printer
  • Disconnect all the cables
  • Disconnect connection with your Computer (Avoid this step if your printer is wireless)
  • Wait for 10 minutes
  • Connect the wires to the computer once again
  • Wait for the Printer to switch on automatically
  • Power on manually if the printer doesn’t automatically start
  • Done!

4. Clean the Roller of Printer –

Accumulation of Dirt on the Roller of Printer could also arise the HP Printer Out of Paper Reset but it’s not error message. To take care of the debris and dirt, you can clean the Roller of Printer from where the paper goes into the Printer and comes out of it.


  • Switch off the Printer
  • Unplug all the power cables
  • Unplug all the network Cords
  • Get a Cotton Cloth and Water spray bottle
  • You can access the front of the roller from the printer’s primary side
  • Remove the Paper Tray if it hinders you
  • Clean the Roller Thoroughly
  • Put the Paper tray back
  • Done!

In this article, we have discussed what causes the Printer Out of Paper error message. What does it means when you see the error message.

How could you fix the Printer Out of Paper Error without technical knowledge? Comment below if you have any issues or challenges. Have a nice day!

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