Today, laptops have become a full-fledged replacement for cumbersome and non-mobile personal computers. The average notebook has enough options for all standard tasks, and gamers and professionals of different areas can use more advanced models to run specific programs. But only the built-in functionality of the laptop is often not enough for comfortable work, so you also need to purchase some small things. Today there is a vast selection of accessories for the laptop: from bags and mouses to stands and vacuum cleaners. This review will help you to understand what is necessary for you.


Best 5 Things You Should Have in to Make Your Laptop a Great Thing

A Portable Printer: The Solution for Entrepreneurs & Their Kids

Expanding the use of electronic documentation is a natural trend in the digital age. Despite this, the volume of paper used in offices continues to grow. Modern business has enough progressive views on the workflow, but a printer is a must-have for you if you are an individual entrepreneur or your children are studying in school. Therefore, while it is not possible to completely abandon printers and reduce the use of paper. You have to make a choice between a toner printer vs ink printer.

Portable Printer

A Lamp for Lighting the Laptop Keyboard

The most unpleasant moment when working in low light, or lack of it, is poor visibility of the keyboard keys and symbols on them. You can solve this problem by buying a backlit keyboard and tilting the monitor slightly towards yourself so that the light from it lights up the keys. However, both voiced options are not perfect because not every laptop can set the backlight, and when the lid is tilted, the image on display loses its high quality.

A Lamp for Lighting the Laptop Keyboard

More convenient and universal way is using special lamps working from the USB port. These lamps use LEDs, saving energy and not creating an increased load on the USB port. It’s easy to attach such a gadget since the cord is stiff enough to be bent as much as you want to keep the shape the shape under the weight of the lamp. In addition, on many models of USB lighters, there are special fasteners that allow them to be attached to the laptop’s cover.


An external mobile battery or a power bank for a laptop can be the best option for increasing working time. With an average capacity of built-in batteries, the duration of the gadget does not exceed 3-5 hours. A good power bank will increase this time, at least three times, allowing you to work on a laptop even in the absence of electricity for several days.


The modern power bank is a universal battery suitable for several devices.

Thanks to various cables and adapters, Power Bank is compatible with all modern digital devices: phones (IOS and Android smartphones), tablet PCs, MP3 and MP4 players, photo and video cameras, and other energy-consuming gadgets. Their power parameters are identical.

Headphones or Speakers

Notebooks rarely have high-quality sound. As a rule, developers have to sacrifice the size of the built-in speakers for the sake of the miniaturization of the device. Consequently, the laptop squeaks, creaks, and almost does not reproduce bass. If you want to listen to music or watch movies with high-quality sound, buy a pair of speakers with power from the outlet.

Headphones or Speakers

The active speakers have a built-in amplifier so that the sound is powerful. We will not recommend passive speakers powered by the notebook’s USB port. They are not able to produce decent power since they are low-power. They only slightly improve the volume and sound quality. For home use, it’s better to take something powerful and not mobile. The headphones will give you a high-quality sound if the volume is not critical.

Implementation of Additional Cooling

Virtually all laptops use air cooling, based on coolers located near sources of increased heat generation and a ventilation system that allows fans installed on coolers to perform air exchange. This cooling option is quite effective and has successfully proved itself in many electronic devices, including desktop PCs. However, on laptops, air cooling does not adequately cope with the duties assigned to it due to the highly tight arrangement of the inside elements and, resulting in a higher level of heat release.

Laptop Cooling Pad

To save the laptop from constant overheating, it is necessary to install additional cooling due to intensive use or work in high-temperature conditions. It is a stand equipped with several fans to drive away hot air from the bottom of the laptop. It is also a kind of dust filter.