Unfortunately, not all of us are in the financial position to replace our iPhones every time Apple releases a new model. If you find yourself in this boat, you need to do everything you can to make your phone last as long as possible.

Tips for Making Your iPhone Last as Long as Possible

Following the suggestions on our list will help you to make the most of your current phone until you have the means to upgrade. While some of our recommendations come with a cost, they will all help to delay your phone’s demise significantly.

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(Top 5) Best Tips for Making Your iPhone Last as Long as Possible

  1. Purchase a High-Quality Case –

Dropping and breaking phones is one of the biggest reasons that people need to get a new phone before they were planning on it. You can prepare for accidents like this by always using a phone case. A case dramatically reduces your risk of accidentally damaging your phone by dropping it.

Many people don’t like using cases because they ruin the sleek look of the iPhone. However, just because you are using a case doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Consider using a decorative phone case like the latest iPhone XS case to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Use a Screen Protector –

Screen protectors are another product that you can use to shield your phone from the debilitating effects of accidents. Screen protectors stop your phone’s screen from shattering when it falls so that you that it still works post-accident.

While screen protectors and cases require additional purchases, the extra investment is well worth it because of how much these two products extend the life of your phone. Taking care of the physical structure of your phone is just as important as caring for the contents within.

  1. Reduce Phone Brightness –

The brighter you keep the screen on your phone, the more battery power it takes up. Merely reducing your brightness can help your phone’s battery last significantly longer. You also could consider keeping your phone in the dark mode, which converts the backgrounds of apps to black instead of white to use less energy.

  1. Utilize Low Power Mode –

The low power mode is another way that you can reduce your phone’s use of the battery. This mode makes several small changes to your phone’s operations that you will barely notice but will make a world of difference in how long your phone lasts. This setting will turn off background app refresh and automatic downloads when you don’t need these features.

Both were using low power mode, and adjusting your phone’s brightness are tactics that do not require any extra money. Additionally, you can turn on these options in a matter of seconds by simply going into your iPhone’s settings and making adjustments.

  1. Only Use Apple-Issued Chargers –

Generally, iPhone chargers that are issued by third-party providers damage your phone and prevent it from charging properly. While it may be tempting to purchase a third-party product, it is not worth the risk of damage to your phone that could significantly shorten its useful life.

Even if you need to replace your Apple charger more frequently, it will be better in the long run if your iPhone remains free of damage.

Don’t Wait to Try These Tips:

With iPhone prices continuing to rise with the release of each new model, it is no wonder that many people can’t always buy a new one right away. Hopefully, the above tips will make it easier for you to keep your current phone for longer than you would be able to otherwise. This way, you can save up money for the model you really want.

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