Freelancing can be a tempting affair. For a professional writer, the comfort of writing from home, being his own boss, and earning a side income that takes care of the luxury are all reliable and valid excuses for quitting the full-time job. However, a lot of people believe that success in freelance is only a fantasy, and this cannot be considered a practical alternative to a job at a corporate company that credits a fixed amount into the bank at the end of every month.

Freelance Writers

In 2017, that was a shallow argument. Freelancing is slowly taking over the world so much that 3 out of 4 companies today hire a freelancer to get their work done. Companies are of the opinion that freelancers are more productive in their work and approach and deliver quality work in a shorter period of time than full-time employees.

Speaking of the current work scenarios and trends in mind, anyone who has ever thought of going freelance full-time or part-time should give it a try today. Companies are becoming more inviting to freelancers, and the rise of easy-to-use freelancing platforms such as is a testament to this growing culture.

(Lists) Top 5 Websites for Finding Freelance Writers

Based on market research and popularity, here are the top five websites that aspiring freelancers can check out for potential work. The board is saying Freelance Writers wanted is always lit in front of all these sites.



One of the top freelance websites in the world, this is often the first choice for newbie freelancers because of its easy interface, smooth work delivery system, hassle-free payment options with protection through escrow funds, and a large friendly community. Previously called oDesk, Upwork has a lot of clients who post hundreds of jobs on a daily basis.

Targeted at freelancers who are looking to work for college students by writing their essays and research papers, WritersDepartment has inevitably found its way as a top platform since its inception in 2013. It stands on three main features: flexible schedule, abundant jobs, and steady income. Three things that any person would wish for when considering a freelance career.

Apart from a steady income flow, freelancers can also feel good about their work as they are indirectly helping students complete their assignments and get good grades.


ContentMart Freelance Writers

Strictly for freelance writers, this top website of 2017 is famous for its rating system. Clients can choose freelancers depending on their skills and experience. The pricing is thus based on the freelancer’s experience and work history and not on arbitrary prices set by the freelancer himself.


Much like Upwork and also the direct rival of the company, Freelancer offers jobs in over 100 sectors, including Information Technology, Telecommunications, Web Development, Design, and Writing. Present in the online landscape for more than eight years now, is a reliable platform for beginners because it aims to figure out the most essential thing in freelancing: bridging the gap between clients who need work done and individuals who are ready to serve them.

Freelancer Freelance Writers

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An American online classifieds platform, Craigslist, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. But, that doesn’t mean that it is not an excellent website to get things done. A lot of Americans still believe in its power, as it targets the local crowd. For example, a working professional who decides to put his free time to good use can look for Freelance Writers jobs in his neighborhood. He can not only search for jobs in his own locality but can also submit replies to ads posted from other cities and states.

Craigslist Freelance Writers

Apart from that, Craigslist is now a worldwide entity, so geography shouldn’t be a problem for aspiring freelancers.


There you have it the best 5 freelancing websites for people who want to try their hand at freelancing. They are trusted by millions of users and are used by hundreds every day. The key is to create an account, build a profile, and start applying for jobs.

It’s never too late to consider writing for a living, and by the looks of it, 2017 seems to be a perfect time.

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