Apple has created a very well designed eco-system with its hardware and software. After all these years, Apple has evolved its software so much that now they do not only rely on hardware like iPhone, MacBook, etc. for revenue. With the launch of iTunes, it has become the main part of every Apple hardware user, but it also has its limitations just like you cannot use any iTunes purchased product on any other device. But today in this article we are going to review Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows which can be very useful for those who wants to use iTunes product on any other device.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows

Detailed Review of Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows

As we have said above, that one of the main advantages of using Apple products is how well they work with each other. With iCloud, the movies and TV shows you bought from the iTunes Store will be instantly accessible in your iTunes library on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV. If you are looking to convert all of your iTunes content effortlessly, then you should check out Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows. This media converter will make sure to convert all of the DRM-protected content from iTunes into an MP4 format.

There are many DRM converters available in the market, but the benefit of using Tuneskit M4V converter is that you will not experience any loss of quality when you use Tuneskit M4V Converter to convert your favorite iTunes videos and television shows either. This tool converts the file into M4V file because M4V is the most popular video format and is accepted by many players, video editing tools and gaming devices.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows

Advantage of using Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows –

There are a lot of reasons which makes Tuneskit M4V media converter one of the best M4V converters which are present out there. But one main advantage of using this tool is that using the software is extremely easy. And you will not need a hell lot of knowledge to get started with the software. Now we are going to tell you some of the advantages of using Tuneskit M4V converter for windows.

1. Remove iTunes DRM at 30x Faster Speed:

The Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows can convert your purchased or rented movies from M4V to DRM free and lossless M4V. If you use this media converter, then you’ll be going to feel like it is faster than any other DRM Removal like Noteburner. Other than that company also claims that this software will remove DRM copyright protection from your videos 30 x faster. To some extent, it is also right, but it also depends upon your PC and your file size.

2. Remove DRM from iTunes File without Any Loss in Quality:

Tuneskit M4V converter removes DRM losslessly from your movies and TV shows which you purchased from iTunes. And also maintained the Video quality even with audio tracks. After removing DRM, you can use your purchased videos, shows anywhere, and fearlessly share to anyone.

3. Support Popular Devices:

As we have said this above that Tuneskit M4V converter can convert your DRM M4V videos, movies or TV Shows in MP4 format without losing picture quality. Quality is maintained for not just the video, also for all audio tracks, AC3 Dolby 5.1 surround sound, subtitles. This tool supports both iOS and Android devices as well as other media playing devices.

4. Keep Dolby Audio:

Tuneskit M4V Converter Windows make sure that whenever you are converting a media file with the tool, you are getting the Dolby audio. As audio is an essential part of any video. That is why this software takes care of that in a perfect way. So you can have a great experience.

5. Support Latest iTunes:

Last but not the least Tuneskit M4V Converter tool also supports the latest iTunes, and it also gets updated with every new version of iTunes which makes it easy to use with any Apple device on any iTunes version. So no matter which iTunes version you are using this tool will make sure it is getting the job done.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows

How to Use Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows –

  • First of all, you have to open Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows.
  • Now add the iTunes videos via Add Files button or drag-and-drop.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows

  • Once you add the iTunes movies into Tuneskit M4V Converter for Windows.
  • Then select Output Audio Tracks, Subtitles, etc.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows

  • After that, click on “Format” panel at the bottom left corner.
  • Then you have to choose the output format from the popup window.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows

  • Now you can adjust the video parameters, including bit rate, video size, codec, etc. according to your own needs.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows

  • Now download the iTunes movies and convert the M4V files to plain M4V or MP4 losslessly by clicking “Convert” button at the bottom right of the converter.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows

  • Finally, preview the converted video with the built-in media player of Tuneskit.

TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows


At the end of this article, all we have to say is that TunesKit M4V Converter For Windows is the excellent MP4 video conversion tool both for the Windows and Mac. Other than that with the use of advanced DRM decrypting technique, it can losslessly remove DRM lock from iTunes movies without re-encoding and touching the original audios and videos at all. If you want to get the best quality output video for your video then you just simply use this tool to get the best out of it.

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