Computer monitors are getting better day by day due to the advent of new technologies coming out every day. Going back to the old days when the computers were first made, monitors were pretty much giant objects which did the very simple task of providing you a way to communicate with your CPU.

Types of Computer Monitors

However, these have evolved to a point where they now boast various additional features according to your needs. So, let’s dive into the different types of computer monitors that are available today.

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(Top 5) Different Types of Computer Monitors to Fit your Needs

1. CRT Monitors –

These are basically referred to as the pioneers of computer monitors. When computers first came into being, these were the monitors which people used to have. If you or someone old enough in your family owns an old computer, you probably would have seen this huge monitor which usually covers the whole computer table and has a significant weight.

The name CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tubes. They basically use beams of fast traveling, highly energetic electrons that hit the screen resulting in a lit spot. The fact that they are heavy also makes them quite robust. However, they have become obsolete now and are hardly bought anymore.

2. LCD Monitor –

LCD, which stands for liquid crystal display, is a type of monitor whose design is quite slick, and it is quite thin. This makes it amazingly lightweight, and they were a major upgrade to the old CRT monitors. The mechanism used is monochromatic light, which attains its color after passing through some pixels.

These are some of the most used monitors by people today. They also are a very good option if you intend to buy a monitor for gaming at a low price. In case you are interested in gaming, you can find a gaming monitor on a budget if you opt for an LCD screen.

The fact that they’re lightweight increases their usage, as some people save space by just hooking them to the wall. Even if you place them on a table, they won’t occupy much space while providing you with exceptional quality.

3. LED Monitor –

You might be very familiar with the name LED, as they are used nowadays in pretty much every house for lighting purposes. These monitors use LED technology to light these monitors up. LED stands for the light-emitting diode. To create light and color in LED monitors, RGB LEDs are used to make produce every other color possible.

LED monitors are as lightweight as LCDs, and these monitors are pretty good when it comes to picture quality as they provide a high resolution with a good dynamic range. The result is that resolution doesn’t fade out even when looking from a long distance at the monitor. Moreover, they are very energy efficient, so using them even for long hours is pretty affordable.

4. Touchscreen Monitor –

Rather new technology on the market is touch monitors. Essentially, there is not much difference they have in comparison to the regular monitors except the fact that you don’t need a mouse or any other kind of input device. You can use a pointing device like a stilus, or simply your finger, to guide your way throughout the screen.

Touchscreens are not widely used in regular monitors other than commercial purposes and are mostly used in devices such as tablets or smartphones. So, you could use them only if you want to do some trivial work like you need to have a small number of input keys, as using a lot of keys by tapping on the screen is very inconvenient.

5. Plasma Screen Monitor –

Plasma monitors, as their name suggests, have small cells containing plasma in them, which in turn use fluorescent sheets inside of them, making the monitor display image. They are known extremely well for the contrast and brightness they provide, resulting in pretty sharp and accurate image production. The dynamic range they provide is also quite good. They are also not too heavy and require minor space for the house.

6. OLED Monitor –

OLED, which is just a kind of an upgrade to the LED monitor, uses organic LEDs. These are one of the most high-quality displays available in the market right now. However, due to their cost, they are not being used in a huge number. Still, people are adapting to the fast, especially for high-end gaming. So, if you have the budget and you want exceptional picture quality on your monitor, you should definitely give OLED monitors a try.


So, we have seen six different types of computer monitors out there in the market, with each one having its own unique characteristics. Depending upon the budget and your need, you should be able to pick the best one for yourself amongst these easily.