UC Browser removed from Google Play Store (Android Devices)

[Hot News] UC Browser removed from Google Play Store (Android Devices)

Choosing the right mobile browser is always being the question for any smartphone users. The default browser that came with Android or for IOS was pretty but not impressive. Most default browser that comes is stock with very limited features of just surfing the net without any additional features.

If you have not yet decided on your favorite browser for your smartphone, then UC browser might be the right choice for you. It is developed and maintained by UCWeb and is owned by Alibaba Group of China. You might think why to go for UC Browser when there are other choices!!

UC Browser removed from Google Play Store

Other than being free, UC Browser which supports both Android and IOS is fast and loads up any webpage easily. Like any Desktop browser, UC browser also comes with similar features like tabbed browsing allows you to swap between multiple tabs, has speed dial to go your favorite website with just one click. It also supports extension and many more features.

Is UC Browser removed from Google Play Store?

The answer to this question will be both yes as well as no. Initially, Google removed the application from its Play store due to some violation of its policies. The exact reason for removal is still unknown, but it was again restored back on Google play store shortly after UCWeb change some of its settings.

Reason behind removing UC Browser –

There are many speculations behind the disappearance of UC Browser from Google Play Store. While some said, it might be a technical problem while other have something other to say. It is still unclear about the reason behind it as both Google and UCWeb have not commented on it.

UC Browser removed from Google Play Store

Most popular belief it is the that UC browser partner has used wrong, misleading advertisement to increase the download. This was clear when Android Police posted on Reddit about an email shared by the UC Union, UCWeb’s advertising and affiliate network. The email sends out a strong message of prohibiting the use of any misleading/malicious advertising method to increase download. Since Google has started to crack down on an application which uses any misleading ads to draw users.

During the removal of the UC web browsing app from Google play, the UC web browser mini was available still. However, the app’s APK file was still available on UC webpage. There was another speculation about removing these 500 million downloaded web browser files from Google Store. It was said that there was a problem on UC web browser app as it was said to have sent any user data to be it login password or any other data to its web servers located in China. This was a major concern as more than the half of the users were from India.

Back of UC Browser:

UC Browser removed from Google Play Store

After being away from Google Play store for a certain time, the UC Browser was back in its original place holding a record of 500 million downloads. The app was not permanently down but was suspended for a time period. This was confirmed by two sources. Firstly, a tweet surfaced back by a person who claimed to work with UC Browser. He in his tweet confirmed that the app was suspended from Google Play store by Google as it was using misleading and unhealthy methods to increase the download which was against Google policy. Also, UCWeb provided Gadgets 360 with a response confirming that there has been some problem with a setting which was against the Google policy; as a result, they were suspended for 7 days. They even confirmed that they have fixed the problem and have uploaded the same but will be available to the public once Google has verified it and will be confirmed.


Now that the app is finally here in Google play and is available for download from the play store, you can just go and enjoy them. As said UC browser is very popular with over 500 million downloads, also they have said they added the requirement change.

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