Unexpected end of file error is a very common yet rare error, as not all users face this error, the error is specific to certain applications and programs. The error has been experienced by users in applications like adobe photoshop and similar apps. Furthermore, if you are using any kind of localhost application like xampp, mamp, etc then also error appears. The error is also seen when using WordPress. Also if you are using the PHP or similar coding language then also the error appears. The purpose of this troubleshooting guide is to give some basic guidelines and methods to fix this error.

Unexpected end of file

Causes of Unexpected End of File Error Problem Issue

While gathering the information about the error we have seen some very common causes of this error. The error has mostly occurred when using the WordPress and PHP language. Users have reported that mistakes in the code cause this error they said that when PHP block has unterminated the Unexpected End Of File error appears. Furthermore, when certain functions are not written or executed well the error seems to appear. Another common scenario in which the error is has been seen is when using the adobe photoshop, it was reported that corrupted or unspecified filetype was the cause of this issue.

  • Mistakes in code
  • PHP Block is unterminated
  • Improper Closing tags
  • Functions in code are not used correctly
  • Unspecified file or filetype
Similar Types of Unexpected End Of File Error Problem Issue
  • Linux
  • Photoshop
  • Parse error: syntax error, in xampp
  • Unexpected end of file bash
  • Parse error: syntax error, in WordPress
  • Syntax error, laravel
  • Unexpected end of file c++
  • Syntax error, ruby

Table of Contents

How to Fix Unexpected End Of File Error Problem Issue

In this section, we will be giving you all the methodologies that you can use to fix the Unexpected end of file error. The following are the methods we will go through. In the first method, we will talk about some common mistakes that are often overlooked. In the second method, we fix the error when using the localhost server. Thirdly, we will talk about how to fix the error when using WordPress. In the fourth method, we will fix the issue when using photoshop.

1. Basic Troubleshooting Points

We highly recommend that you go through these important mistakes and points that are often overlooked by the users and the parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file error never gets resolved.

  • Crosscheck your Code: Makes sure that the code doesn’t have any error, kindly cross-check it once. Look for missing braces, colons, and all other important details that are in the codes.
  • PHP Configured Properly: Make sure that the PHP file is configured properly when using the localhost server, the error is quite common when using the PHP.
  • Cross the File & its Format: When using Photoshop make sure that the file is not corrupted and the format of the file is supported by the application. Often hen transferring the files it gets corrupted and the Unexpected End Of File error occurs.

2. Configuring the PHP.ini (Localhost Server)

Now if you are experiencing this received unexpected end of file from sftp server error while using the localhost server, there may be something you need to configure in the PHP.ini file of the website. Follow the steps to see how it can be done.

  • STEP 1. First of all, go to the location where all your website files are located
  • STEP 2. Usually, the PHP.ini file is located at the root directory of the folder


  • STEP 3. Now open the PHP.ini file with Notepad++ or similar advance text editor program
  • STEP 4. Now locate the below line of code, you can use the find feature of the text editor to easily locate it
  • STEP 5. Once you find it, you will find that it is set to OFF


  • STEP 6. Simply remove the OFF and write ON there
  • STEP 7. Save the file and your syntax error: unexpected end of file error will be resolved

3. Fixing the Error in WordPress

As we have already said the parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in error is quite common when using WordPress, below are two methods you can use to fix the issue.

A). Restore Website

Use this method when you are unable to fix the error, also it is the easiest way to resolve the issue without getting into much of hardworking. Simply restore your website to restore the website to that of a healthy state when it was error-free, if possible. We suggest that restore to the point where you haven’t made any changes to the code of the website.

B). Manually Fixing the Code

Now if you do not want to restore the website there is another way and that is to download the entire website and file over SSH or SFTP.

  • STEP 1. Download the website and its files over SSH or SFTP
  • STEP 2. Now manually look at the code, you will surely find errors or missing lines


  • STEP 3. Once you find out the mistake, fix it, head on to the actual files of the website
  • STEP 4. Alternatively, you can upload the files in which you have made changes
  • STEP 5. Also do not forget to purge the cache
  • STEP 6. Once all the changes and purge cache is done your bash unexpected end of file error will be resolved

4. Fixing the Issue When Using Photoshop

Now if you are getting the syntax error, unexpected end of file error when opening up any file in the photoshop there is simple yet a great fix for this.

  • STEP 1. Open the problematic file in the Adobe illustrator

adobe illustrator

  • STEP 2. Once the file is opened in the Adobe illustrator, save back it as PSD
  • STEP 3. Now simply open the file in photoshop without any syntax error, unexpected end of file in error.

In this troubleshooting guide, we have gone through multiple methods that can be used to fix Unexpected End Of File Error. The guide demonstrates multiple methods concerning specific scenarios. Furthermore, we have also given a piece of brief information regarding the causes of the issue as well.

We hope by following this Unexpected End Of File guide your issue is fixed. For more tech stuff and troubleshooting guides follow us. Thank you!

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