Most of us know what Snapchat is, but for starters, Snapchat is a very famous and an instant photo and video sharing app which is available for all the users of most of the devices on all platforms, with some bounds on the time limit for sharing the videos. Its’ a great app for the young as well as the elderly because of its privacy features which don’t allow anyone to have a peek into your conversation. However, talking about its Android version, there have been some glitches in this application’s android handout. These errors include app crash or sudden freezes. These errors happen just after a minute you launched it from the list of apps. It also happens at the time when you were applying filters to your recently clicked photo; it pops up an error message Unfortunately Snapchat Crashing which means that your snap chat has crashed, and then it closes the snap chat window. In the past few days, users have also reported of various other errors, including could not connect, invalid login credentials and much more. In this Snapchat Crashing article, we will be discussing all the ways to resolve these mistakes that are associated with the Android version of Snapchat.

This shows an error code message like,Snapchat Crashing

Snapchat Crashing

Snapchat Crashing

The Snapchat Crashing error we spoke about earlier looks something like in the image mentioned above. But before going into the fixing part of this Snapchat Crashing error, we will first discuss the main reasons and causes of this annoying Snapchat crashing error. Below are the main reasons and causes which are why your Snapchat Crashing.

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Reasons behind Snapchat Crashing Application Error:

  • Unstable or No Internet Connectivity:

This is a very genuine reason, and Snapchat is not responsible for this because it is an internet based sharing app it requires an Internet connection and if the app doesn’t get that Snapchat Crashing. So, please ensure that you have a stable internet connection or are connected to the internet to avail the features of Snapchat. If you don’t have, then you may not be able to access Snapchat.

  • Not having the Latest Update:

This is another probable cause of this Snapchat Crashing error. So, please ensure that you have the most recent update of Snapchat installed on your android smartphone.

  • Not having Enough Space:

Do see that before installing updates for the app, you have enough storage space so that it can be easily downloaded and installed on your device.

  • Changes on the Company’s End:

May be the company is making some changes to their software which they have put up on the Play Store just for testing purposes. So, don’t worry they will restore a stable version of the application soon, till then please use a previous version of the app on your device.

  • When using VPN:

If you are using a VPN to connect to Snapchat, please turn it off as it also is responsible for the instability of the app on your device which hampers the functioning.

  • Using Third Party Snapchat Apps or Tweaks:

In case you have been using third-party Snapchat apps, plugins or tweaks, then please uninstall them as you will not be able to access Snapchat until you uninstall them. Snapchat always keeps an eye on its users and may ban your account in case you don’t delete them.

  • If your Account has been Hacked:

In a case recently, you logged on to Snapchat on someone else’s device, there might be chances that your account has been hacked and the one who did it played up with your account, and as a result, you are now unable to use its features.

How to Fix & Solve Snapchat Crashing Application Errors Issue

So here are the guides and helpful tips for getting rid out of this type of Snapchat Crashing Application Error issue from your Snapchat Application permanently and comprehensively.

1. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection:

Please ensure that you have a stable and good internet connection.

2. Install the Latest Updates for the App as well as for the OS:

Install the Latest Updates for the App as well as for the OS

Do install the latest updates as per the company’s notifications from the Play Store and before downloading it, ensure that you have enough storage space on your device. Also, please check for any updates in the Operating System of your device.

3. Troubleshoot the App:

Troubleshoot the app on your own using the Snapchat manual by following these four steps:

  • Restart the App: Clear all the apps from the last opened and restart the app on your device.
  • Reset the App to Default Settings: Open Settings and scroll down for the Application Manager, and locate Snapchat. Click on it and press the Reset To Factory Version button. Your Snapchat app will be restored to the Factory Version available in the Play Store.
  • Restore the App as a New One
  • Reset the App Settings from your Backup: If you have taken a backup if every app, then please locate the backup of your app and install it after uninstalling the latest version. Hope, this Snapchat Crashing solution helps you out.

4. Clear Cache for the Application:

Clear Cache for the App

In Settings, scroll down for the Application Manager, and locate Snapchat and open it. Now, click on the Clear Cache button from the options available and restart the app after clearing all the recently open ones.

5. Uninstall Snapchat & Reinstall it:

Uninstall Snapchat & Reinstall it

Uninstall Snapchat after locating it in the Application Manager and then download and install it again from the Play Store.

6. Disable VPN:

Disable VPN

Please ensure that you have not enabled any VPN on your device, if its’ so, then please disable it as you won’t be able to access all the features of Snapchat with a VPN.

7. Uninstall any Third-Party Apps, Plugins or Tweaks of Snapchat:

If there are any third-party apps, plugins or tweaks of Snapchat, then please uninstall them as they are very harmful to your privacy. Also, in case you have uninstalled them recently from your device, please change the credentials of your Snapchat account so that your transmitted information through the third-party apps cannot be misused further. This happens mostly in the case of Microsoft or Blackberry, resulting in a user ban from the Snapchat company. Please assure you don’t have a third-party app, plugin or a tweak for Snapchat.

8. If your Account has been Hacked:

If you recently logged in to Snapchat using someone else’s device, then please change the credentials of your account as soon as possible, as your account information may also be used to create some mess with it.

9. The Issue on the Company’s End:

In case the company recently updated their testing version on the Play Store or is having some issues on their end, in their databases or something else, then this Snapchat Crashing might be the issue due to which you are unable to access all the features of the app.

10. Reboot your Device:

Try restarting your device in case the Snapchat Crashing or app doesn’t work. After the device has started, try establishing a stable internet connection and then rerun the app. This Snapchat Crashing guide will help you out plainly.

11. Check for any Conflicts with other Apps if any:

Check for the permissions assigned to Snapchat and check whether or not if they conflict somewhere with any other app.


So, these were some of the probable causes and then we gave you the necessary measures and steps to fix the Snapchat Crashing Application issue. We hope that they were helpful for you and you were able to fix these Snapchat Crashing errors. If not you can always ask us for more.

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If you are getting or facing any error issue while trying to solve this Snapchat Crashing Application Error, then do comment down the problem freely without any hesitation here in the below comment section or directly email us as soon as possible so that we can help you to fix that too from you completely.

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