Hey there, do you want to maintain the cleanliness of your house? If yes, then UWANT has the solution for your problem. They have recently launched their UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner. This is a very useful product for those who take the cleanliness of their house seriously.

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

If you got steaked of multiple stains on the floor or walls of your home, then thanks to UWANT, because they made a portable washing machine. With the help of that machine, you can now easily remove all the spots and stains from all the corners of your house. So to learn more about the product, let’s get into the article.

Product NameUWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner
Model NameB100-E
Company NameUWANT
Box ContentMain Unit, Hanger, Soft Pipe Assembly, Brush, Clean Water Tank, Wastewater Tank, Accessory Bag, Measuring Cup, Manual.

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UWANT is an electronic home appliances brand that mainly deals in the manufacturing of smart cleaning products. This brand was founded on August 2017. This brand’s main objective is to create innovative products to enhance the home cleaning experience. All the products manufactured in UWANT are completely healthy and do not affect your health badly.

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

This UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner works like a portable washing machine. The main objective of a washing machine is to clean the clothes by removing unwanted stains and spots. This is exactly what this product (B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner) does. But there is one catch in this product, and that is portability. This product is very easy to carry.

Features of UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

This brand new product in the market offers you some fantastic features. Some features of this product are explained and listed below.

1. Easy to Carry

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

As we mentioned to you before, the main USP of this product is portability. This product is highly portable. You can take it wherever you want. The weight of the product is only 4.7kg.

2. 4-in-1 Visible Cleaning

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

This product also has different cleaning modes. It has 4-in-1 visible cleaning names; high-pressure spray, Wash, scrub, and easy-to-use cleaning hand. An efficient and thoroughly clean is achieved by applying strong water pressure with precisely calculated cleaning ingredients to the surface, breaking down grime molecules as the brush cleanses and separates stains before being extracted back into the UWANT B100-E.

3. Deep Cleaning, Fast Drying

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

This product is also very helpful when it comes to deep cleaning. This machine has 12kpa of water pressure, which will help you in at least 6m deep cleaning. It also has two different modes of cleaning, regular and strong. And both of these modes give you enough power to remove deep stains and dirt.

4. Universal Casters

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner has 360-degree universal wheels that will help you move the machine in any direction you want. This machine’s compact design and flexible motion help you make cleaning effortlessly.

5. Patented Self-Cleaning Design

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner has a self-cleaning feature that helps to keep both the pipe and brushes clean. To do this, you must hold the self-cleaning button to rinse the brush and the entire pipe with cleansing water.

6. Large Water Tanks

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

This machine has large water tanks, which also have separate clean and wastewater storage separately. UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner has a 1800ml clean water tank and, on the other side, 1600ml wastewater tanks.

7. Press to Wind Up

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

This machine also has a very compact design, giving you the advantage of putting it anywhere you want. It has a 5m power cord which can easily be retracted with a single click.

8. High-Quality Bristles

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner has very soft bristles, avoiding fabric damage while cleaning. These are antibacterial bristles. The flocking brush is 0.15mm in diameter, with rounded and soft nylon.

 9. Comes with Cleaning Liquids

In the box of this product, you will get three Cleaning liquids. This machine only works with these three unique cleaning solutions. All the liquids used differently are deep cleaning liquid, fabric cleaning liquid, and mite removal cleaning liquid.

10. Wide Brushes

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner h

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner has extra wide brushes to save time and energy. These types of brushes are perfect for cleaning large areas and stains with maximum coverage.

Price & Availability of UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

All the products will be shipped from the local warehouse of the company. UWANT company also obtained TUV certification. If you face any product problems, you can contact the official time. UWANT has good after-sales services which can solve your problem in time.

ProductDaily PricePromo PriceTotal DiscountCoupon
UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner$299$19933% OFF5% OFF for the Subscribers

Final Words:

UWANT B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner is a very useful and easy-to-use product. If you are looking for a stain removal machine that this is the one you have to go for. As we have discussed, you can now fully understand the product and its features. UWANT has been working for us since 2017, and with this product, they have made a place in the market for life long.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What types of Surfaces can the Spot Cleaner effectively Clean?

In general, as long as it can be washed with water, it can be cleaned. It is advised to test cleaning in a small, concealed area before using it on expensive or lint-prone materials (such as latex mattresses, leather couches, and wool carpets). Use it throughout a sizable area if there are no issues.

2. In what situations would I employ a Spot Cleaner?

It may thoroughly clean carpets, upholstered furniture made of cloth, curtains, beds, and pillows, as well as pet nests, window cushions, automobile seats, trunks, and headliners.

3. What does the Self-Cleaning Feature do? How do I begin?

The machine will flush the pipe and nozzle with water when you push the self-clean button to eliminate any dirt in the pipe, prevent odor after usage, and save you the hassle of disassembling and hand washing.