Every person who has his own business or start-up needs to have a reliable online resource to implement and promote his business. On the way to creating your ideal website, you will face many difficulties: choosing a concept, design, colors, creating a logo, selecting an assortment, and launching. TemplateMonster invites you to make this process easier and more enjoyable. With this marketplace, creating a web page takes a matter of days, and the development is accompanied by the support and care of a professional team. Today we are going to talk about how to create a successful store using OpenCart templates.

Vast OpenCart Templates Collection by TemplateMonster

OpenCart Templates for Your Perfect Store

The first step in building a website is choosing a platform. Many people choose to develop independently on a website builder or order a custom content management system. Selecting this option, they rely on versatility and branding, but such options have two significant disadvantages that are critical: the enormous cost of money and time.

To save your resources, you can use templates for sites on the already prepared CMS. Why is it good? You do not need to invest in development and draw a design from scratch – you find an already prepared version and easily customize it to suit your needs. Another plus is that in such popular variants as OpenCart, a huge community took care of additional functionality, plugins, and documentation for your assets. It means you can easily expand your capabilities and delight your customers with unique features that your competitors do not have without the huge costs of writing custom extensions and codes. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at what you get with the OpenCart templates.

OpenCart CMS Features

Each OpenCart template featured in the TemplateMonster collection has the following:

  1. Open Source. It is essential today to have control over all the businesses’ aspects. The themes have open source code, which means you can do in-depth editing of any detail. It also lets you use all the additional free extensions and engine versions, get community updates and support. In two words, you see the processes transparently and have an opportunity to use the basic features at no charge.
  2. Admin panel. There is no need to be a degreed professional to edit your website anymore – just log in to the admin dashboard and provide changes via a handy, user-friendly interface.
  3. Multilanguage. If you feel you should go to the international market – nothing can stop you! With OpenCart templates, you launch a full-featured website and add as many language versions as you need. All you have to do is download a certified language pack, install it to your admin panel, and put the language switcher – and done!
  4. Flexibility. Every detail is changeable with the page builder, admin panel, or source code.
  5. Price. OpenCart is considered one of the cheapest eCommerce platforms, but it is still popular, multipurpose, and flexible.
  6. Spaciousness. Your website can easily bear with 5000 items and more! But don’t forget to take care of reliable and powerful hosting.
  7. SEO and mobile-friendly. Reach the highest ranks in search engines due to fully configurable on-page options, increased loading speed, and design responsiveness.

But that’s not all! TemplateMonster has prepared special additional benefits for their beloved clients, available to every user.

What Benefits You Get with TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster Marketplace stills a leading digital design store for 19 years already. It is a tremendous experience, millions of satisfied customers, sold themes and solves requests. That is why the guys know the client’s needs perfectly and ready to provide a solution to every query. What you receive by choosing TemplateMonster?

  • 24/7 assistance. Any time you can join the chat and get the professional support of the operators. Whether you want to buy a new design and need help or feeling stuck with editing, they are always here for you!
  • Detailed documentation. There will be a PDF file with instructions, installation guide, usage, and customization tips with every theme. It eases the setup process and helps you feel more confident.
  • Additional services. If you are looking to save your time and efforts on the website launch, the TM Web Studio is ready to help. Installation, content upload, on-page SEO, Speed Booster, creation from scratch, items upload, full store configuration, marketing, etc., services are available for a reasonable price.
  • Affiliate programs. Earn money by referring new customers!
  • Discounts and special offers. They take care of your budget, so you can always find items with reduced prices.
  • Stable collection growth. New authors join the marketplace with amazing items, so there are always new options to choose from.

Sell Your OpenCart Templates Efficiently

If you are a developer and looking to monetize your skills, TemplateMonster is a perfect match. There are many available categories, such as graphics, audio, video, website templates, plugins, 3D models, and JavaScript. To become an author, you should create an account and upload your templates for review. For example, the full testing process of OpenCart templates takes up to 10 business days.

If you cannot find the necessary category to post your items, you don’t have to worry! Submit your themes and tag a new type – as soon as there are 10+ items, a new category opens, and your exciting layouts become available for sale.

There are several options to sell your OpenCart templates on the Marketplace.

  • You sell the theme on TemplateMonster only. The commission you get is 65%.
  • Non-exclusive. The template is available for purchase on other markets. Your commission for this type is 45%-65%.

Besides, you set the author-driven prices on all your designs. You are the one to decide how much to earn!

Let’s Sum Up:

Today we have covered OpenCart templates and why it is profitable to use them to create your ideal store. TemplateMonster Marketplace allows all clients to feel and immerse themselves in the creation process, acquire new skills, and successfully develop their online business. Browse through the collection of designs and choose the one that will bring you luck and profit right now!