Verizon Voicemail App is, unlike regular voicemail apps, is a little different and unique. It was developed by Verizon, an American telecommunication company. This app was launched back in 2016. Today in this article, we will be covering insights, and we will be taking a closer look at the Verizon Voicemail App. So let’s proceed.

Verizon visual voicemail app main

Inspired by Apple’s visual voicemail app, Verizon decided to make its own visual voicemail app. Now you must be wondering what this visual voicemail app is. We all have heard about voicemails apps, but the visual voicemail app is a little alien to us. Let’s find out below.

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What is Verizon Voicemail App?

Let’s get familiar with the uniqueness of this app. Unlike regular voicemail apps where in order to know the recorded call/message, you have to listen to it. Right!. Now, this is where it gets more unique; instead of listening to the message or call, you can see the entire call in text format too.

It comes really in handy, suppose you are walking in a crowd. Or maybe you are at some meeting, or you are at church where you just cannot listen to the call. Your search for a place to listen to that important call, well now you can see that message thanks to the technology.

Important Features of the Verizon Voicemail App

This app has some important features that really make it stand out. Some important features include ease of use of the app, its wide availability on devices, and inexpensive plans. All of these features have been briefly explained below.

Easy To use Interface.

Users can easily navigate back and forth with easy-to-use navigation. All the messages are in easy-to-read text form. Plus, both the voice and text format of the call is displayed on a single page that helps in managing the contract-specific data. All the messages are shown in cards with easy-to-use play and stop functions.

Verizon main voicemail window

Supports a wide variety of Devices

Verizon Voicemail App service is available to a wide variety of devices majorly including  Google Pixel, Samsung, Motorola, Casio, Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC, Kyocera, LG, and Pantech. Almost all companies support this app. And you can download this app via the play store.

smartphone brands

Affordable Plans

Buying a plan is one of the most important factors. This is where the end response depends on any service. A service has to keep expenditure in mind. If it is too costly, then only a few people can use it. But with Verizon, you can use this service at $2.99/month.


Verizon Voicemail App surely comes in handy when needed. This app provides portability and eases in use. You can switch from the basic voicemail plan to a visual voicemail plan. All your messages are transferred without complication.

I hope this article clears all your confusing thoughts about this app. Kindly tell me in the comments do you like this app?. If you like similar articles, do follow us and drop your views and comments below. If you want us to write about something else, do not hesitate to mention it below. Thank You!

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