Most of us like to spend our spare time by consuming videos, web shows, and movies. However, this moment of fun can be spoiled if your internet data is about to die or maybe the area you live in has network issues. The chances are that you are going on a long trip, and there will be no wifi on the way. Since almost all the streaming websites do not provide the feature to download videos, we are stuck to just streaming the video. The only way to tackle this issue is by using some video downloader program. So, after going through countless video downloaders for MAC, be it freeware or paid software, there is one software that felt pretty magical. I am talking about the VideoDuke video downloader. This program can download videos from more than 1000 websites.

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Why Should You Choose VideoDuke MAC Video Downloader?

VideoDuke is a program developed by Eltima Software. This particular program has been designed to outclass all the other software in this particular field. It is the best YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo Downloader for MAC. The program can capture videos from all the popular 1000+ streaming websites. Downloading a video to your local drive is just a small fraction of all its perks. The program is filled with beautiful and satisfying features. Let’s go through all of them.

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Features of VideoDuke Mac Video Downloader –

Among all the other competition programs, Videoduke offers you comparatively more features that make it the top choice.

Download Video Upto 8K Quality

One of the major concerns that people have is the freedom to choose the video’s desired quality. While some of the programs allow the user to choose the videos’ quality, they are still bound to some limits. However, VideoDuke does not has such limitations. It allows the user to download videos in 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, 5K up to 8K. So you cannot miss out on any detail and experience the true quality that the content has to offer.

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Download Videos in your Desired File Format

Another area that concerns users looking for Video Downloaders MAC is the format of the video they want to download. The chances are that your video player does not support a certain file format. Or you are preparing for a project and want to attach a video to that report. In these kinds of scenarios, the file format becomes a prime focus. With VideoDuke, forget all of this hassle as it allows you to download the same video into multiple file formats like 3GP, MP4, M4V, FLV.

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Download as High-Quality MP3/Extract MP3/Convert MP3

A few days back, I went through the youtube suggestions, and I came across a cover song. When I heard that song, it became my instant favorite, and I wanted it onto my local drive. In these kinds of scenarios, VideoDuke comes in handy. It allows you to download videos into a high-quality MP3 file directly. If you have already downloaded a video, it can convert it into an MP3 file as well. You do not need another program to do the same task. You can choose the desired audio quality as well.

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Extract HTML5 Videos

A few years back, the video you see on your websites had a different code required to display the video. Most of the video downloading program can extract videos from those websites. With recent advancements in web technology and HTML 5, it became quite hard for all those programs even to detect the video; extraction is way far. Keeping the current web advancements in mind, VideoDuke has all the latest technology that allows you to extract videos from the websites built with HTML 5.

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Some Unique Features of VideoDuke Mac Video Downloader:

Above I have talked about some of the impressive features of the VideoDuke video downloader. This section is a little special here. I have mentioned all the unique features that most likely you will not find in any other program in the market.

Download Entire Resources of the Video

While all the there video downloader programs are limited to just video downloading, VideoDuke goes a step further. If you are taking online lectures, then you must know that each lecture has some resources like video, audio, Flash animation, images, graphs, etc. Which you have to download manually one by one, and it is frustrating. With VideoDuke, you do not have to worry, and the easy-to-use interface allows you to download all the resources with just one click, including the subtitles of the video.

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Download Entire YouTube Playlist

Youtube is a great place to learn for most of us. If you are also learning something, you might be following a particular channel. Every time you want to learn a new module, you have to open youtube, then go to the channel, then the playlist, then the video. It is a lot of hassle, right!. With VideoDuke, you can easily download any playlist present on the channel. It will be beneficial to save internet data and prevent the connection issues that lead to video buffering and other similar issues.

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Download Entire Youtube Channel

There are chances that the channel you are following has tons of playlists, and downloading each playlist one by one is a lot of trouble to bear. And if downloading the playlist is not enough for you well, VideoDuke can also download the entire youtube channel as well. It really comes in handy if the channel that you are following is big and has lots of playlists.

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Easy to Use Safari Interface

A user interface is something that plays a very important role. No matter if your program has great features or not, if the user cannot operate the program, it fails to deliver the true experience. When you install the VideoDuke app and see the program’s main view, you will instantly feel a familiarity with the program. The UI of the VideoDuke app is very similar to that of the Safari browser. It is purposefully designed to look like the safari browser to start without having to look for the tutorial or learn it.

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Wrapping Up

Going through all the program’s amazing features, I am sure you must be impressed by the program. VideoDuke goes beyond just downloading videos. It provides you a multitude of features like selection of quality, format, and ease of use. Features like playlist download an entire channel download are unique features that you can not see in other programs.

Hopefully, your search comes to an end with this article. For more amazing stuff, stay tuned. Thank you!

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