The internet has drastically changed the way that you can learn, consume entertainment, or communicate, and you can do it from anywhere in the world. Take courses online, watch streaming movies while you’re in bed, have a VOIP phone call with a long-distance friend, or just use it for research. So just check out this VPN Use Cases guide.


However, it does include dark forces and negative aspects. Hackers or companies that want to snoop on you are a constant threat you must always consider.

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(Guide) VPN Use Cases: How It Benefits Everyday Users

Fortunately, you don’t have to let that deter you from enjoying these things. A virtual private network (Surfshark) can help keep your connection secure by encrypting your data. This allows you to feel safe and know that your browsing sessions are always top-secret.

To understand the benefits of using a VPN, here are some VPN Use Cases that will show why you should arm yourself with this powerful tool when you hop on the internet:

VPN for Students –

If you’re a student, it’s highly likely you have a busy schedule to juggle. Weekly assignments and projects, studying and social life can quickly burn up the hours. Any tools that can assist you and make your life simpler are always handy to have.

VPN For Students

If you’re taking a summer class and decide to participate while traveling in a foreign country, you may run into difficulties with your internet connection. This type of problem can be solved by using a VPN. You just pick a server that’s close to the location of your school and access your online class that way.

As a student at a university, you may also run into a problem when browsing if your school has any policies that restrict your time on their network.

Some schools will block you from visiting social media platforms, sharing images on community sites where billions of photos are held, or accessing free email.

These draconian restrictions can be circumvented if you tunnel out with a VPN connection. By utilizing this tool, a network administrator does not have any way to record evidence that is associated with your web browsing activities.

Cloaking VOIP Phone Calls –

VOIP technology is an excellent way for you to talk with a close relative or family member who lives 1000 miles away. Unfortunately, it’s also a perfect opportunity for a novice level hacker to listen to your conversation.

Cloaking VOIP Phone Calls

If you value your privacy and use VOIP services regularly, you’ll definitely want to think about implementing a secure VPN connection.

While this is an additional expense, would you ever consider talking about personal matters or confidential information with your friend and have a stranger sitting right there with you? You probably wouldn’t.

Booking Hotels –

Traveling can be expensive. If you are booking a hotel for your next vacation, you know that it’s going to make one of the biggest dents in your wallet. While you could use a comparison website, they’ll track your location and serve you a price that’s based on where you are.

Booking Hotels

They do this by using cookies and watching your IP address. To avoid this, clear the cookies on your computer and use a VPN. By utilizing different internet connections from locations in different countries, you can check different hotel rates and look for the best deals.

By researching for rates this way, you’ll find that discounts are offered in certain areas. It’s perfectly legal to take advantage of this VPN Use Cases and possibly save a few hundred bucks.

Wi-Fi Hotspots –

You may not be aware of this, but the Wi-Fi hotspot at your local coffee shop or hotel is not safe for browsing the web or checking your private email.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

The negative aspect of using public Wi-Fi is that it is not encrypted and leaves access to your data wide open. When you are using this type of connection, an intruder can easily eavesdrop on you. Even someone who is a novice at hacking can intercept an unencrypted Wi-Fi signal.

If you are a mobile user, you really should consider spending a few extra dollars each month to ensure that your data is kept secure and safe.

When you decide to log in to any free Wi-Fi network, it just makes sense to connect to a VPN, which will encrypt your data and keep it hidden from hackers.

Watch Certain Broadcasts When Traveling:

If you are a frequent traveler, the local news or television shows that your foreign location has will probably not be what you really want to watch. Having access to sports games, television, and video feed from your home country is much more enjoyable.

Watch Certain Broadcasts When Traveling

When you tap into a secure connection by using a VPN, you have the ability to access the broadcasts that are being played in your home country. It’s just like being there in person.

If you don’t want to miss watching your favorite football team play on Sunday while you are traveling in a foreign country, use a VPN.

Keeping Data Secure While At Home:

While the benefits provided by a VPN service are often handy while you are away from your home, you can also utilize the privacy that’s given when you are working from a home office or from the luxury of your couch.

Keeping Data Secure While At Home

One of the main aspects of a VPN that makes its use so important is the encryption that it offers. Even while you are feeling comfortable in your own surroundings, your data can be logged by search engines.

The choices that you make when searching for different keywords or keyword phrases are attached to the IP address of your computer. This is done by the search engines so that they can customize and serve you ads that are related to your interest in certain products or services.

While this cataloging of your searches may not seem like that big of a deal now, you never know how that private information might be used in the future.

By cloaking your IP address with a VPN service, your searches for “anger management” or “antidepressants” will not be stored by the search engines.

Downloading Or Uploading P2P Files:

Torrent websites offer a large amount of various software that can be shared with other users. If you’d like to participate on these sites, it’s often frowned upon by certain internet service providers.

Downloading Or Uploading P2P Files

Hope you like this VPN Use Cases guiding article. A VPN can be your best friend if you’d like to utilize P2P sites. When you upload or download files, your IP address is unidentifiable.

The protection and privacy from being under surveillance are definitely worth the minimal cost of using a VPN. If you like this VPN Use Cases guide then please share it with others like with your Friends, Family, or your Colleagues. Thanks for checking.

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