To promote a product, all advertising mediums are good, and using an interactive display is even better. This innovative form of communication with the consumer is adopted by enterprising marketers. It is worth noting that consumers like this personalized approach to informing about a service or product. An ordinary 24-inch touchscreen monitor can be an effective marketing tool in various industries. In this article, we’ll look at several effective ways to use the interactive monitor.

Ways to Effectively Use Touchscreen Monitors in Advertising

Examples of Effective Use of Touch Panels in Advertising

The modern world is built on the principles of timely information notification. The touch terminal provides an opportunity to convey the right information to the target audience at the right time.

Let’s consider several ways to use interactive monitors, which can be payment or information terminals, and also act as an electronic administrator:

  1. Electronic Ticketer at Railway Stations & Airports.

Due to its simplicity and convenience, this method of using touch monitors has gained quite a lot of popularity. The passenger can book tickets online, and then come to the station and receive and pay for the ticket through such a touch terminal. And the functionality of touch monitors is not limited to this. It can become an indispensable electronic assistant, where everyone can find information related to the issues of movement in all modes of transport, as well as information about nearby hotels and restaurants, car rentals, and more.

But what is even more interesting is the ability to show ads to a huge number of people while the touch terminal is not in use. It is enough to install it in the waiting room, and then passengers will be able to watch advertising, whether it be a video or just a picture.

  1. Electronic Seller.

Placing an interactive monitor in a store can speed up the buying process. It will help to reduce the time of searching for the necessary goods, and will also provide an opportunity to immediately purchase and pay for the goods by card or in cash. Such a device can also be used to advertise a specific product. Consumers can view detailed information about the product on the screen, as well as evaluate 3D models.

  1. Another effective way to unload workers using a touch terminal is to install these devices in financial institutions, and banks.

Such a device can regulate the presence of a queue by registering visitors and issuing coupons for communicating with the right specialists, as well as advertising specific products of banking institutions with conditions.

  1. The information terminal allows people who visit galleries, museums, parks, and zoos to navigate the terrain.

The interactive panel helps people quickly find the target and get the necessary information about the expositions and their locations as well as the opportunities provided in the place for visitors. The information terminal can work as a cashier, accepting money from visitors and issuing visit coupons, and will also allow you to quickly register people to form excursion groups. A large number of people will work with such a terminal, and if the software is configured correctly, advertising can be embedded in any information block. Here, upcoming events of the museum itself or any other advertising can be advertised, which will allow such institutions to receive additional income.

Such a device also allows companies to register people to form tour groups. A large number of people will interact with such a terminal, and if the software is configured correctly, advertising can be embedded in any information block. Here, upcoming events of the museum itself or any other advertising can be introduced. This allows cultural institutions to earn additional income.

  1. For those who visit cinemas, theatres, and other entertainment centres, the touch terminal can become a guide to the schedule of screenings, the venue for premieres, and ticket prices.

The way to use touch terminals in cinema centres is similar to the use of terminals at train stations. At the same time, if the terminals are not used, then ads can also be shown on them. Here you can broadcast ads about upcoming premieres or places that people can visit directly in the cinema centre.

  1. Use of interactive panels in shopping malls.

In shopping malls, touchscreen panels are used to inform visitors about new products. In addition, such a device can inform guests about discounts, as well as provide assistance in finding stores. Shopping centres are usually visited by a large number of people, respectively, such a terminal can be used as an advertising platform for the stores that are located in the shopping centre.

  1. Placing an interactive panel in a car dealership will relieve consultants and increase customer loyalty.

Visitors to car dealerships, as a rule, want to study information about the car, and evaluate 3D models of cars. Interactive dashboards can help consumers clarify many of their concerns, which will put them in the category of buyers who are ready to make a purchase. While the terminal is not in use, you can run a video about a particular brand of car on it. Visitors like to watch their future purchases.

  1. The interactive panel in the hotel allows visitors not only to select an unoccupied room and pay for it but also to view more detailed information about the hotel and what places to visit there.

You can display advertisements on an interactive panel for certain services provided by the hotel, such as a spa or a dance floor. Visitors often may not even be aware that the hotel has entertainment centres.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of examples of using interactive panels. You just need to look closely and see an effective way to promote and sell goods and services. And an interactive kiosk is a real way to achieve this goal. If you want to purchase a monitor to advertise services and products, as well as interact with potential customers, Beetronics can help you. The company is a provider of monitors with and without a touchscreen. You can order a monitor with a diagonal of 7 to 27 inches. The company’s products are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you can implement even bold solutions.