Want to remove a watermark from a picture? Before googling how to do it, remember that watermarks are used for the protection of the image. Every photo on the Internet has an author, regardless if it is watermarked or not. An author doesn’t need to put a watermark to prove the copyright and only the author can decide if it is permitted to use the image and in which cases.

Ways to Get Rid of Watermarks on Photos

So, if you are using an image, be sure to mention the author in order not to infringe one’s copyright. But sometimes a picture that you can use legally and for free has a watermark on it. For instance, if several years ago you uploaded the picture to the photo stock that puts a watermark on images and you’ve deleted the original photo. And now you downloaded your own picture and need a clean copy of it. In this article, we’ll show you how to remove a watermark from a photo with different software and on different devices. Let’s get started!

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GIMP is known as one of the alternatives to Photoshop. It’s a cross-platform photo editor designed for graphic artists, illustrators, and photographers. It offers a wide range of tools along with layer editing. There are several ways to delete a watermark from a photo using GIMP. You can install a special plugin, or use the built-in tools. We’ll choose the latter. The easiest way to remove the watermark is to use the Clone Stamp tool. You’ll find it in the top right corner. Pick the tool and find a spot in the picture that looks similar to the background where the watermark is placed. This will be the donor area. Click with the mouse on the spot while holding the Ctrl button on the keyboard. Paint over the watermark. Repeat the actions if the watermark is placed against the multi-colored background or you are not satisfied with the result.


Now let’s see how to remove a watermark from a picture in PhotoWorks – a user-friendly photo editor. There are several tools suitable for the task. You can find them all under the Retouch tab. The choice depends on the size of the watermark, its position, and the background. The easiest way is when the watermark is relatively small and is positioned on a plain background. Pick the Healing Brush tool. Adjust the size and simply paint over the mark. The software will analyze what pixels it needs to copy to make a seamless replacement. The next tool is the Clone Stamp. You will need it if the watermark covers several parts of the picture with different backgrounds. Select the tool and adjust the brush size. Paint over a piece of the watermark. The software will show you the donor area from which it will take the pixels. You can move this spot if needed. Once you are done – hit Apply.

Aiseesoft Watermark Remover

Aiseesoft Watermark Remover

Aiseesoft Watermark Remover is an online application made to delete text and image watermarks. Once you’ve opened the page in your browser, you need to upload your picture. Then you are offered several options on how to select the watermark – brush, lasso, or polygonal. You’ll see them at the top. There are also the undo arrows and an eraser to correct the selection. Once you’ve selected the watermark hit the Remove button and the software will automatically delete it. If you are satisfied with the result – click on the Download button to save your edited picture.

Remove Unwanted Object App

This app works on devices that have Android OS. Once you’ve installed it and opened it, you need to select the picture from your camera or the gallery. Now select the tool from the bottom toolbar – brush or lasso. You can zoom in on the picture by using two fingers and spreading them apart. Paint over the watermark with the brush or select it with the lasso. If you need to adjust the selection – use the Eraser or undo the action by hitting the arrow. Hit the Process button and the app will delete the watermark. Go to the top right corner and click on Save to export the picture.


TouchRetouch is an IOS application. With it you can delete any unwanted objects on your pictures – wires, street signs, meshes, people from the background, and much more. Let’s see how to get rid of watermarks on photos with TouchRetouch. Once you’ve installed and launched the app choose Album and import your watermarked image. Click on Object Removal. Here you will see a brush and a lasso to delete the watermark, and an eraser to correct the selection. Pick the tool and paint over the watermark. Click on the Go button to remove the selection. Hit Save to save your picture.

We’ve reviewed 5 methods to remove watermarks on different devices and via different software. If you are looking for other options, then follow the link and learn more about how to remove watermarks from your photos.