There are dozens of types of forms and Contact Form for WordPress website, but what are they really used for? You might have a few ideas, but chances are you aren’t using web forms to their fullest potential. Whether you have a blog, a regular website, or an e-commerce platform, forms are your friend and can make your site really stand out from the rest.

Ways to Use Forms on Your Website

Forms should be simple and easy for the user to find, use, and understand. Here are five of the most common ways to use the Contact Form for WordPress website.

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(Top 5) Best Ways to Use Contact Form for WordPress Website

Stay in Touch

This is one of the simplest things you can do. Set up a contact form that lets a website visitor ask you a question, leave you a comment, or get in touch for nearly any reason. This form should have a few fields and be easy to fill out, but it should also have some required fields, and some related to conditional logic. Here is what that means.

Basic information should be required. The first and last name and email address along with a comment section should be required. Without any one of those, how will you respond personally to the requestor’s comment?

Second, there should be conditional fields. For instance, you could ask Would you like to get a phone call or text instead of an email? This question would be followed by a yes or no selection box. If the user selects no or makes no selection at all, the form is ready to submit. If they select yes, then a place for their phone number appears, along with an option for a text or call.

Having a Chat Now option is also helpful if you have chat operators that can answer customer questions online without them needing to call, text, or email. You can make this a part of your contact form as well as a prominent button on your website.

Order Custom Products

Do you have custom products like t-shirts, items that can be engraved, or things that come in different sizes the customer can choose? A custom order form for WordPress is one way to make sure they can make a selection and get a price quote without having to contact you directly.

This form should include several things:

  • Drop Down Menu Selections for Different Sizes
  • Price Values for Each Selection
  • Logic Fields Based on Customer Choices
  • A Hidden Field that Does Price Calculations
  • An Add to Cart Option

This will allow the customer to make their custom selection from start to finish without ever needed to contact you, but be sure to give them the option if they need it.

Get Feedback

Want to know how you are doing with your customers and what they think of your site? Ask. Asking them is the easiest way to get feedback, good or bad. Use this when you make changes, following them making an order, and when they receive the product or service and have had a chance to use it.

Ways to Use Contact Form for WordPress

These forms should be on your site, a part of your email marketing plan, and more. Feedback forms are one of the most valuable Contact Form for WordPress website.

Answer Questions

Remember when we talked about conditional logic fields, ones that are based on the customer’s answers to drop-down menus? This is also a good way to structure the help and FAQ sections of your site. Have a form with a drop-down menu of common questions.

Once the user makes a selection, the answer appears along with a place for a follow-up question dropdown. If the user does not find the answers there, another part of the form will give them a way to contact you for additional information.

Still, even if you cannot give all of the answers this way, this is a clever variation of the traditional FAQ page that makes the reader a lot of reading and searching. It will set your site apart from the rest and is one of the best uses of forms out there.

Net Promoter Scores

Want to know in detail how your employees, your company, or your website is performing for customers? That’s simple. Use a survey with a few simple questions: How likely are you to recommend [Our website], x employee, company, blog] to a friend or family member? This and a few other simple questions can tell you something about your performance.


There are several ways and times to collect this information, but be sure to make it voluntary, simple, and fast. This will give you the most responses and honest answers.

There are many more ways than these to use the Contact Form for WordPress website, but these five will be a good start. Make sure you are using forms to the fullest potential on your site and be creative. You never know what benefits you might discover.