Without a doubt, sneakers are the most comfortable of shoes. If you were to head out today, you would definitely find that most people wear them. They are comfy, affordable, and can match with most attires.

What Are the Different Kinds of Sneakers

Did you know that sneaker is an umbrella term? Different kinds of footwear fall under this category. In reality, the different types of sneakers all serve a specific functionality—for instance, sneakers designed for hiking fall under one category.

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Pick the Right Sneaker for Your Sport

A better understanding of sneaker types will give you an advantage when deciding what sneaker you should go for. Accordingly, the list below contains different sneaker types. Highlights include basketball sneakers, running shoes, walking shoes, and cycling shoes.

Walking Shoes

If you are into casual walking, you should opt for walking shoes. These are designed to be as comfortable as possible and can absorb the shock on your heel and the ball of your feet. In addition, you should note that these shoes are designed to be more rigid at the front so that you can roll off your toes rather than bend them.

Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist shoes are designed for people who want the feel of running barefoot. They are light, flexible, and have enough cushion to make you feel as comfortable as possible. However, there has been some controversy about whether shoes help prevent injuries. Some people argue there is a greater chance of getting hurt while wearing these shoes.

Running Shoes

Are you looking forward to going for a jog? First, it would be best to get yourself some running shoes. They are designed for forwarding motion and give your feet a cushion when they hit the ground as you run. In addition, these sneakers can help protect you from shin splints, fractures, and other complications from jogging.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are designed to accommodate the intensive motion characteristic of tennis. While playing tennis, you make constant side-to-side movements. With this in mind, these shoes are designed to give you extra protection. They are also flexible to accommodate movement.

Cross Trainers

It is annoying to change sneakers as you transition from one activity to the next, right? Enter cross-trainers. They are a mix of running shoes, tennis shoes, and volleyball shoes designed for all forms of sports activity.

Basketball Sneakers

Basketball sneakers are designed for playing basketball. They have various features thoughtfully integrated to accommodate this intense physical activity. They include a thick stiff sole for extra stability while playing. Finally, these shoes support your ankle while making swift changes in movement.

Soccer Cleats 

Soccer cleats have extra cleats on the sole to give players traction while on the soccer field. These shoes have a tight fit to make it feel like your foot is in sync with the ball. They also do not have a toe spike to remove drag when kicking the ball.

Lacrosse Shoes 

Lacrosse shoes are similar to soccer shoes in a variety of ways. For one thing, they have cleats molded onto the outer sole. They also intentionally add a front toe cleat to give you extra traction as you play the sport.

Hiking Boots

When it comes to hiking boots, you get several options. First, you can select the shoes that match your needs. If the route you plan on taking is short and well maintained, you can opt for lightweight shoes. If the trail is uneven or rocky, you should wear midweight boots. Finally, you can opt for heavyweight boots if you carry heavy backpacks or walk on ice, snow, or rocks.

Cycling Shoes 

For cycling shoes, the stiffer the sole – the more energy you can transfer to the pedal. With this in mind, Mountain cycling shoes have sunken cleats and a flexible sole to accommodate walking. On the other hand, competitive cycling shoes have stuffers soles with cleats on the outside.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should know the different kinds of sneakers. In addition, you have likely noted that each category has features designed for a specific task. For instance, soccer shoes have cleats for extra traction. 

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