Major championships are considered the most prestigious tournaments of CS: GO

What are the Rules of CSGO Tournaments

Game Format

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are a series of events and competitions designed to determine the strongest team in the paid computer game developed by Valve Corp.  

All esports cs go tournaments matches, except for the finals, are played in Best of 1. All cs go tournaments in the final games are played in a Best of 3 format with a map advantage.

There are three main formats for cs go tournaments: Round-robin, GSL, and the Swiss system. 


This system is called a round-robin. All teams in a group play each other in turn one or two matches bo1-bo3. The teams play one against each other and score points. At the end of the group, the best teams move on, and the worst teams are eliminated.

In the cs go esports tournaments CS scene, round-robin is the oldest of the three types.  

Round-robin has been used in many major sports and esports. Nowadays, round-robin is unlikely to be found in upcoming cs go tournaments. Although we could still see it in play at major tournaments until recently, such as IEM, up until the current csgo event in Katowice.


GSL-system is used most often in groups of 4 teams in csgo pro tournaments. In such a csgo event, foursome participants are divided into two pairs. Winners of each meet each other in the bo3-series. The team that wins twice comes out of 1st place in csgo tournaments. Then meet the teams that lost the first round. This format is most popular with tournaments from DreamHack on cs: go tournaments online, which have a prize pool of $100,000.

Swiss system

This system is adapted from chess tournaments. It is the newest in cs go online tournaments for free. Teams compete with their peers in terms of wins and losses until they reach a certain number of victories.


When the struggle for supremacy comes to a draw in cs go tournaments, comes to take advantage of overtime. The situation is resolved by assigning additional rounds to determine the winner. Cs go tournaments rules assume there is a winner. Overtime is held until the winner of the counter-strike global offensive tournaments is determined.

Team Staff Restrictions

If you plan on joining the biggest counter-strike tournament, you should keep in mind the limitations for team staff. The rules are:

– The staff members can only join one team at a time cs go tournaments;

– The names must be chosen at the CS: GO TV site. This allows you to search for teams to join in the upcoming cs go tournaments;

What are the Rules of CSGO Tournaments

– «All staff needs to be in the service room at the beginning and end of every round»

( CS: GO Tournament Policy). 

This restriction is made to ensure the players are focused and have the right amount of support during the tournament matches in the cs go upcoming tournaments.


In 20% of cases, timeouts are requested by the team that just won the round. You can follow all events on the list of cs go tournaments

At IEM Katowice 2022, there were 31 timeouts after wins. The true reasons for these timeouts only the coaches know. 

Timeouts can be taken for various reasons. 

Part of the breaks was taken when there was not enough money and when the won round did not provide economic stability. Players needed to decide exactly how to procure and act on the map.

The second type of pause can be called psychological. They are taken after tense game situations.

The third type is the most obvious – tactical timeouts. This can include pauses after unsuccessful rounds. This occurs when the opponent was stronger in terms of strategy, but missed the victory himself. After such rounds, there is often a change in the positions of the players. Pauses are designed to fix the problems that the mentor notices in the team’s game. But it should be understood that not always little timeouts are enough to correct mistakes.

Spectator Rules

The cs go upcoming tournaments are expected to break records for the number of spectators. Many people know where to watch cs go tournaments.

The spectator mode is called Shoutcaster. It’s usually found on the home page, but it’s also inside the CS: GO, client. At cs go tournaments, the player automatically enters spectator mode when they die. Spectator mode can also be accessed by selecting the spectator team instead of the terrorist or SWAT teams. Spectator players are listed on the scoreboard under the two teams. The spectators watch the game live. Their team colour is white. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, additional players can watch using GOTV. Those watching via GOTV do not appear on the scoreboard as individual faces. Instead, they are displayed as the number of spectators in the top right corner of the HUD and on the scoreboard.

The Counter-Strike developers over the years have added several restrictions to the system. Because of this, spy spectators could not communicate with those who were still playing. Spectators could not change their names until a new round began. In earlier versions, dead players could communicate with live players by changing their names. 

Depending on the server configuration, spectators may or may not be able to move freely anywhere on the map. In early versions, spectators could swim freely. This was later changed by default. Dead players spied on live players and could communicate via alternate media. Then you have the spectator features such as radar, map dump, and an opening tournament round. On the other hand, the game gets dull when only one or two people can play at any time. We’ve seen that happen several times with the free for all format. Sometimes, it feels like just a random stream of killing.

What are the Rules of CSGO Tournaments

Shoutcasting tries to solve that. When you connect it to the browser, it shows you the entire game. You can change the camera to see what’s going on inside the tunnel, the bomb site, and wherever else you want.

The way the camera is integrated into the game also makes it easy to try out new custom games.

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