It has been months since Huawei has been on the blacklist by the US government. Huawei is getting a constant grind between the United States and its home country China. CEO of Huawei Richard Yu said that it is not going well and it is creating a bad effect. He said that it affects the relationships among countries. On the other hand, customers are in constant dilemma about what happened to Huawei. Will their phones will get future updates. Should they buy Huawei’s phones or not. People are concerned about their privacy and security.

US Huawei ban

What is the US saying?

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei has been accused of stealing trade secrets, stealing private data of people, and violating the US trade rules. An allegation made that Backdoor is found on a few of the Huawei smartphones through which it was sending private information in background unaware of the user.US president Trump stated that it is a violation of their law and privacy. President Trump said it could be a potential threat to the US military and nation.

What is Huawei saying?

CEO of Huawei Richard Yu clearly said, “We are very open and transparent. We are a globalized company. In the US-China trade war, we have become a bargaining chip. We don’t want to do this. We are under constant pressure to do this. We have a good partnership with Google, but the US Government forced us to do this. I hope you guys [journalists] can understand this.”

Google Huawei Ban

In May, a statement was issued by President Trump in which it was mentioned that all the Huawei electrical equipment must be banned, and the company has been put onto the blacklist by which it can no further trade with the US companies.

Huawei’s Next Step after Google Ban

Major tech companies withdrew their support, mainly being Google. After putting on the blacklist by the US government and claiming for its innocence, Huawei started to work on its own operating system Harmony OS, which is based on Android but doesn’t use Google Services to run and claims to be much faster than stock android.

In November, US Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross said that licenses to trade between US companies and Huawei would be issued very shortly, but it has been further postponed for 90 days. Currently, there is no information on when this license will be effective.

What happens to Huawei’s existing Devices?

However, people’s concern over their devices and gadgets is clear. Existing devices will continue to get support from Google, and all the existing ones will get updates. There will be no halt to the updates. The same goes for other devices than smartphones, including laptops and computers. This question removes your tension on What Happened to Huawei and what happened to their existing devices.


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