Have you ever taken a day off work to wait for the delivery of a special package? You’ve probably experienced the excitement of it finally turning up and tearing open the box. This can then be followed by the disappointment of finding out that the item looks fine but doesn’t work. So just check out this Impact Indicators guide from here once.

What is an Impact Indicator

In fact, this is a common scenario and you’ll need to know your consumer rights.

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(Guide) What is Impact Indicators

For you, it’s a disappointment and an inconvenience while you wait for the replacement item to arrive. For the supplier, it’s the start of a big headache. So just Check out this Impact Indicators guiding article fully once now.

If you’ve signed for the parcel and it looks okay then there is no way of knowing whether the item was damaged before packing, during packing, or in transit. This means the insurance companies of the courier and the supplier will argue over responsibility. In the meantime, the supplier will have to foot the bill for replacing the item.

How this Can be Avoided

Fortunately, this no longer has to be the case. It is possible to use damage indicators to confirm whether the product was damaged during transit or not.

There is an array of options available in the market; the best ones are:


parcel Impact

If a box with a damage indicator is subject to an impact the indicator will record the incident. It doesn’t matter if the impact is against the floor, against another parcel, or n some other way. Providing the impact is over a specified setting a red flag will appear and the customer should not sign for the product.

This will show that the damage happened during transit.


Many items that are shipped today will have delicate electronic gadgets inside them. These items are vulnerable to changes in temperature.

Impact Indicators

The supplier simply needs to place a temperature-based Impact Indicators onto the parcel and set the parameters. The indicator will then tell the customer whether the product has been too cold or hot at any point during the delivery process.

Again it is easy to apportion blame and resolve the issue.


Impact indicators can also sense if the package has been tilted past a specified angle. This could cause damage even if the effects are not visible.

Again the indicator will alert the customer and the parcel can be rejected; with a clear trace as to where and when the damage was done.

Impact Indicators

This approach will help to ensure that customers get the right product in perfect condition. Providing the courier service is aware that damage indicators are being used they will instinctively be more careful with the package. The ultimate goal would be to reduce the cost of damages in the delivery industry. In turn, this would save the suppliers money and ensure the customers are happier because they get the product they want when they want it in perfect condition.

Final Verdict:

So this is all about this Impact Indicators article. It is likely that the delivery process will become even more streamlined in the future and this type of damage indicator will be essential to ensure products are being delivered with the care and attention they deserve.

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