In the world of radio wave communication, NFC is quite a familiar term. Near Field Communication or NFC is basically a communication technique of sending information over short distances using radio waves. Well, recently NFC has been a popular term among not only the tech-enthusiasts but the commoners as well. The only reason being, its usage in mobile devices. So, it’s quite possible that if you are using a high-end expensive smartphone, then this technology might be there that you are still unaware of. Well, do not worry we have got it all covered in this What is NFC on Android Phone article almost everything you need to know about NFC.

What is NFC on Android

& now here we are going to show you that basically What is NFC on Android Phone & How to Use NFC on Android smartphones.

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(Guide) What is NFC on Android Phone & How to Use it?

So for those who are asking that basically What is NFC on Android Phone and what’s the use of it and how to use it so Near Field Communication or NFC was developed for the sole intention of transmitting and receiving information over short distances. For a typical NFC connection to work properly, the transmitter and the receiver should not be separated by more than 40 millimeters. Usually, NFC permits only a small amount of data transfer. You can either use an NFC tag or another Android device to exchange data.

What is NFC on Android

In an Android device, NFC can be used to perform operations in three basic modes:

  • Reader or Writer Mode:

This is the most elementary model of NFC. It allows either to write or read data on an NFC tag or sticker. This mode is used only for setting basic NFC chips.

  • Peer to Peer Mode (P2P Mode):

Peer to Peer (P2P) is often used to transmit data over a WiFi network. However, NFC also implements the same technique. In this mode, all peers are equally privileged and responsible for the operation. P2P mode is basically operational in Android Beam. Android users can use this method to exchange data with other NFC peers.

  • Card Emulation Mode (CE Mode):

Recently contactless payments are becoming popular in the market. Several famous technology brands like Fitbit are using it in their latest gadgets. It allows an NFC device to act as an NFC card. The device can be further processed using an NFC point-of-sale terminal. So I hope from now you can clearly be understood that What is NFC on Android Phone.

How does NFC Works?

You are already familiar with WiFi and Bluetooth technology. NFC is no different, and it is also a wireless mode of transmitting the information. The key element is that it used Radio Wave Signals to achieve the same. But there are certain protocols that you need to follow strictly for sending data over NFC.

NFC Working Principle
NFC Working Principle

Radio Waves are basically electromagnetic waves. NFC uses the Radio Frequency Identification to send any data using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The main benefit of this technique is power saving. As only the device transmitting information or an active device requires the power supply. You may or may not give the power supply at the receiver end. It will then act as a passive device.

NFC transmits over a frequency range of 13.56 MHz. However, you can only transmit data at only slower rates of around 80 KB/s. This can be a major drawback of NFC, but it facilitates faster connectivity among devices.

How to Use NFC on Android?

Even if NFC is only meant for small distance transmission of data, it has turned out to be quite useful in recent months. Most of the tech giants like Apple and Samsung are already using NFC in mobile-based payment feature. NFC is commonly used in the Peer to Peer (P2P) mode only. There is a lot you can do if your smartphone has NFC Features:

  • Sharing Passwords:

There are plenty of WiFi hacker tools available online. Therefore, we tend to use a complex and strong password. It may consist of a combination of alphabets, numbers, or any special character. If you have to share the WiFi password with your family members or friends, then it could be quite hectic.

Sharing WiFi Passwords Using NFC
Sharing WiFi Passwords Using NFC

Even if you tell them verbally, there are chances they hear something or miss out on some character. Well, this could be a lot easier if your device has an NFC tag. All you need to do is to ask your friends to scan it from your device, and they are all set to use the WiFi. If you cannot locate your NFC tag, then you can download a few apps like InstaWiFi for the same.

  • Android Beam:

Sharing digital data like images, videos, or contact cards can really drain out your battery very fast. Not just for the transmitter rather the receiver has to face similar consequences. Here Android Beam comes in handy. Android Beam used the NFC technique to send data to a nearby NFC supported device. It may be slow but trust me you will save lots of power in your smartphone.

Data Transfer Using Android Beam
Data Transfer Using Android Beam

Sometimes, it happens that we need to get some file and since our smartphone’s battery is low we cannot do it. It can be worse if our smartphone turns off during a transfer. In such scenarios, you can use Android Beam to send or receive data over NFC. Just make sure that you don’t take them much far such that it stops.

  • Remote PC Control:

Well, it’s not exactly what it sounds like. You cannot control all actions of the PC from a remote area. However, you can control whether it is switched ON or OFF. Some Android-based applications like Trigger allow you to do so.

Wake PC
NFC to Wake PC

Once you download the application, you have to configure your PC with the application. This will only work if you own a Windows PC. Now, whenever your smartphone comes under the NFC range, your PC will boot itself. You would not have to press any power button, just keep your smartphone on the desk. Sounds cool! Isn’t it?

  • NFC based Security or Alarm:

Most of us have a habit of snoozing the alarm. We may regret this later, but still, we do it. Since it’s quite easy to snooze an alarm. But it can be harmful if we forget to do something really important due to our laziness and ignorance. Certainly, NFC can be really helpful here. There are some applications on the Google App Store that allows you to set an alarm which can be shut down using an NFC tag.

NFC Alarm

You have to install an NFC tag somewhere far from your bed in the house. The alarm won’t stop buzzing unless you scan the NFC tag. This makes sure you wake up from your bed and puts you in a condition where you can make a decision not biased by the sleep.

NFC tags can be used in security systems well, where you can use it to unlock a locker with a specific NFC tag. The NFC tag must have to be unique for such security lockers. It will connect really fast to the lockers and unlock them instantly. Even if the locker has no electric power or its battery dies, this can be implemented.

  • NFC Mobile Payments:

NFC Mobile Payments are in huge demand in the tech industry recently. As we already know NFC has three modes of operation in Android devices. Either it can be both writer and reader (Two Way Communication) or either of them (One Way Communication).

Mobile Payment With Near Field Communication Technology
Mobile payment with NFC near field communication technology

One Way Communication is used in NFC mobile payments. The NFC chip in your smartphone or smartwatch stores your credit card information. Whenever you tap the NFC card on your device, it automatically deducts the amount you need to pay. Apart from tech giants like Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung, few Indian banks like ICICI have also taken the initiative to implement payment using the NFC technique.

Here are some Advantages and Drawbacks of NFC on Android Phones –

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  • Faster Connectivity
  • Less Power Usage


  • Short Range Communication
Final Verdict:

So far NFC or Near Field Communication is a very promising technique in the field of smartphone technology. It has been already implemented in various Android applications and research for more is still going on. & this is all about What is NFC on Android Phone.

For a quick reference, I will be summing up this What is NFC on Android Phone whole article in a nutshell. You might have used NFC if you are a Samsung S5 or Nokia Lumia owner to share data. If not then you should try it for sure but before that know What is NFC on Android Phone & How to Use NFC on Android.