The Airpods with wireless charging case is claimed to be Apple’s best wireless earphone experience. Their innovative design, comfortably built quality, and soft echo don’t hurt the inner or outer ear, even with consistent play for longer durations. So When Did Airpods 2 Come Out? Let’s find out everything About it in this article.

When Did Airpods 2 Come Out

When Did Airpods 2 Come Out? A Complete Overview

The Apple Airpods with wireless charging case, shortly known as Airpods 2, was released recently. Comparatively to their predecessor, it comes with longer playback, Better Chipset, and a water-resistant coating on the circuit board. Coupled with that, you get the amazing Wireless charging case which is unique on its own.

When Did Airpods 2 Come Out

Airpods 2 Release Date

It was launched on 25th March 2019. The Launch event was termed Apple Keynote 2019. The state-of-class design was commendable. Additionally, many other products were unveiled in that show, Such as Apple TV plus, Apple Card, and more.

When Did Airpods 2 Come Out

Airpods 2 Launch Venue

It was launched at the Steve Jobs theatre in California. It is a kind of Theater situated in California, Specially Built for Apple’s Launch events and conferences. The design is spectacular, and any attempts to recreate the same could lead the designer to Prison as its Patented by Apple.

When Did Airpods 2 Come Out

Steve Jobs Theatre is part of a humongous Apple Park, the current Apple Headquarters.


Here are the Superior qualities and features of this wireless charging case.

When Did Airpods 2 Come Out

Release Date25 March 2019
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
ChipsetH1 Chipset
Battery398 Mah
PowerSingle Charge Gives you 5 Hours of Listening Time | 93 Milliwatt | More than 24 hours of listening time | Up to 18 hours of talk time
ProtectionWater-repelling Coating on Chipset |
AccessibilityLive Listen Audio7
SensorsDual optical sensors | Speech-detecting accelerometer | Dual beamforming microphones Motion-detecting accelerometer
CompatibilityiPhone | iPad | iMac | Apple TV
Weight0.14 ounces (each)


So this article was all about the release information about the Airpods 2 with Wireless Charging. Airpods 2 is $199, and it’s completely worth the package. Comment down below with your queries and suggestions. I hope you have a good day ahead!