Fortnite is currently one of the most popular multiplayer games out there, with several millions of active players enjoying the game and many more watching live streams and gameplay videos of Fortnite on websites like YouTube and Twitch. The popularity of the game has made Android users want the game Fortnite Mobile Android Release. The Fortnite game is already available on the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles and is also available on the Windows and Mac operating systems. Recently Fortnite was released for the IOS mobile operating system, and as mentioned above, Android users are eager for the Fortnite Mobile Android Release. So today, here we are showing you about Fortnite Mobile Android Release? So, stay tuned and check it out,

When does Fortnite Mobile Android Release

If you are one of those hardcore Fortnite fans and want to know more about Fortnite Mobile Android Release, then today we bring you a Fortnite Mobile Android Release article featuring all the details out there about Fortnite for Android.

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What is Fortnite?

For those who are not aware of What is Fortnite? (Yes, the non-gamers), Fortnite is actually a multiplayer PvP (Player vs. Player) survival game where 100 random players are dropped on a large island, and in order to win the game, you have to be the last man standing in the Fortnite game.

There are two game modes of Fortnite. The first mode is called “Battle Royale” and is the PvP game that we talked about above. The Fortnite game is absolutely free to play on all supported platforms.

What is Fortnite

The other game mode is called “Save the World,” and this version of Fortnite is a paid one. Unlike Battle Royale, Save the World is a multiplayer PvE (Player vs. Environment) game where instead of killing other players in the Fortnite game, all the players together form a single team, and the objective is to kill computer-controlled zombies in the game.

How to Play Fortnite?

The gameplay of Fortnite is set on Earth, where a sudden storm wipes out 98 percent of its population and gives rise to zombie-type creatures that are attacking the remaining human population.

At the starting of each game, all the 100 players are dropped midair and can parachute down to any location of their choice on the island. Every player is dropped without any ammunition or items with them, so after landing, each player has first to go and search nearby areas for guns or items that can help create items to protect yourself.

Some guns in the Fortnite game are rarer to find than others, and they are color-coded to indicate their rareness. Weapons that are color-coded grey are the common guns that can be found everywhere, whereas guns color-coded orange is the rarest of all guns. Even though you can carry more than one gun at any time, the total number of items, including weapons and other items are restricted.

How to Play Fortnite

Also, as the gameplay island is too large, after each preset intervals, the gameplay area will reduce in radius to bring all players closer to each other. Each player has to remain cautious to make sure that they are not outside the play area radius at any time, or else they will be caught in the storm and will be eliminated from the Fortnite game.

Apart from guns, you can also create your own destructible defense walls in this game, and the items to build such walls has to be harvested from trees and buildings in the Fortnite game. Players can use the pickaxe melee weapon to break buildings and trees to harvest items that can help them create the defense walls.

How to Start Playing Fortnite?

Below is how you can start playing Fortnite on any supported device.

  1. Firstly, you need to download and install Fortnite on any of the supported devices. You can download Fortnite for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, IOS, or you can visit the official Fortnite website and download it for PC and Mac as well.
  2. After installing and launching the Fortnite game for the first time, you can choose to play either of the two modes: “Battle Royale” or “Save the World.” Do remember that Battle Royale is the free mode, and to play the Save the World mode, you will have to purchase it.
  3. Before beginning the game, you can choose between different game types. The “Solo” type is where each player plays for themselves, the “Duos” type creates a pair of two players, the “Squad” type allows a maximum of 4 players to group as a team, and the “50 v 50” type will have two teams of 50 players each.

How to Start Playing Fortnite

The official Fortnite game is available for IOS, but the official Fortnite for Android version has not yet been released.

(Revealed) When does Fortnite Mobile Android Release?

There are many websites out there that claim to offer users with the official Fortnite for Android version. All such sites as of now are a scam, and many sites are even offering spyware and other malware for users to download in the name of Fortnite for Android.

Some such malware applications disguised as Fortnite for Android even has a Fortnite logo, and such applications track personal information on the device like incoming and outgoing phone calls. Many malware apps that have been found recently are also capable of making phone calls by themselves as well.

There is no official Fortnite Mobile Android Release yet, but the developers behind the Fortnite game have confirmed that the Android version of Fortnite is currently being developed. As E3 2018 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which is one of the largest gaming expos, is right around the corner, we do expect the official Fortnite Mobile Android Release at this event.

When does Fortnite Come out on Android

You can create an account on the official Fortnite website and request to get officially notified that When does Fortnite Mobile Android Release? You can also leave details about the Android device you plan to play the game on so as to make sure that your device also stays compatible when the Fortnite Mobile Android Release.

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We hope this Fortnite Mobile Android Release article helped you know more about Fortnite and also about When does Fortnite Mobile Android Release.

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